My first Mauser.......(NIB)

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Since I have never owned a Mauser, figured it was time to add one to the collection. I admit to knowing very little about these, but this one kind of grabbed me.....besides, the price seemed reasonable, $300.

It's an original Mauser M48 version of the 98K built during the 1940's on German tooling set up in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, and together with its standard accessories, has been in Military Storage since that time. The rifles were inspected and tested every five years to assure combat readiness. Stock is the original teakwood. All major components have matching serial numbers.










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    It's like that M52 you got awhile back- too nice to take out and shoot.
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    I didn't say it....BUT...you could have bought a REAL Mauser, a German WW2 one, for around 200 bucks!


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    very nice.


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    yeah that one looks similar to the same ones I bought at centerfire a year ago for about 150.

    Latest gun show had some * ones with the swastikas still intact (not peened out by the russians) but were imports for about 250
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    Looks like a fine deal. That company is known for finding the better examples for it's customers. The nay-sayers can line up and baaaa-ble all they want, but your example is undeniably as new as you can find them.

    They sell a coachgun with really nice wood.
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    Ditto what Woodman said. I'm new to Mauser collecting, a LONG cry from being an expert, but condition is the major factor here. I picked up an M48 for $40 (not a typo) with my C&R, but it looks like it's been through more battles than me and my first wife. No matching numbers, beat up stock, flaky paint finish, etc. I'll probably try to find a nice new one like yours for the collection, but mine was to experiment with new finishes.

    Good looking gun. Good accessories.

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    Appreciate everyones comments, condition means more to me than the money. The fact that it's 62 years old (1943) and new in box had great appeal.

    I doubt I'll be starting a serious Mauser collection, too many other firearm interests....just wanted a nice representative sample of a piece of history. The fact that it has all the accessories in new condition was a nice bonus.
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