Lock Bumping???

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Important: Watch the YouTube Video...It might be time for all of us to buy new locks!!!

This should be a wake up regarding house locks. I went on line after viewing the video and did a
Google search for lock bump and ran a video that shows how it is done. I received the following
information from a tech friend of mine.

This is really important info and very worth your time to view. Hi...Did you know about something called Lock
Bumping? I didn't until my friend Bob sent me this link from a recent TV show. I really hate to be the
one to tell you about this, but it is scary stuff and I thought you would want to know about it.

PS: If you click on Google with the words Bump Key I was shocked to find there are actual sites with
detailed instructions on how to do this. After viewing them I think we are all living in a false
sense of security. Unfortunately, this Genie is out of the bottle!![:(!]



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    Locks only keep honest people out.
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    quote:Originally posted by Blckhrn
    Locks only keep honest people out.

    Oh no, not limphrn!!! Danielle
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    Guns and dogs.
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    I give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [:(]
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    A determined burglar won't stop at the front door. If they've cased you, you won't likely stop them. You can protect yourself, though, aginst the door to door burglar. You merely need to make YOUR house less attarctive than the rest of your neighborhood. Dog, lighting, alarm sign (notice I didn't say alarm system) or anything else that makes the would-be intruder say to himself, "Not this one."
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    quote:Originally posted by Doug Wilson
    Guns and dogs.
    ...and better quality locks.

    The bump bypass method is nothing new. It's been around for many years and manufacturers have designed their higher security locks to prevent this.

    With the extreme simplicity of bumping and it now becoming widely spread via the net, expect to see a boom in sales of better locks.
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    I thought it was fully legal to buy lockpick sets, instructional videos and manuals overthere.


    I've bought from them on a few occations.
    Lockpicks in different sets as well as the lock-pick snap-gun and needles..
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    For one they shouldnt be showing criminals how to do this. But by being a criminal justice major ive learned a few things about crime. For one by locking doors and having your home look like its kept up will create a deterrent. Most crimes are crimes of oppurtunity, i can not remember the exact percentage but its in the 80-90 percentile. Therefore you deny the oppurtunity ie unlocked doors windows etc, you wont get ripped off. There is that 10 percent of criminals will get in dont matter what. Dont matter what you do you wont keep these guys out. So as long as you lock doors, windows, have adequate lighting, a kept up yard, chances are you will be alright. Some other tips is to plant shrubbery around windows, the kind that are poky. Keep ladders insides, make sure gates are latched etc. If you leave home for a while have somebody pick up mail, news papers, mow your lawn.
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    oh and theres other simple things such as not keeping your big screen in plain view of a picture window. Basically dont make your house look inviting for theft.
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