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Editorial, Bob Rogers excerpts, Shooting Sports Retailer magazine, Nov/Dec '03.

In late September the Auto-ID Center at MIT introduced the Electronic Product Code (EPC), a radio frequency identification tag (RFID) that can be imbeded in product labels. Intended to replace the familiar bar code on every product you buy at the grocery or department store, or anywhere else, the EPC is designed to track not only product codes, but serial numbers for every single item purchased.

"With a quick pass through a scanner, a retailer can not only better control inventory, but identify the purchaser, his/her buying habits and, in the case of firearm purchase, all the information now submitted on a form 4473.

"The implications here are obvious; acquired data from RFID tags could be made available to anybody, not just law enforcement agencies, but including anyone bent on identity theft, and firearm manufacturers may have no choice but to submit to inclusion of RFID tags on every gun they make. NO?"

To make this shorter...I'm skipping some small bs...
Rogers goes on to say,
"Wal-Mart will begin to force suppliers to tag all product shipments with RFID tags beginning in 2005.

"Those who refuse to comply will not be allowed to sell to the world's largest retailer."

"It is not unseemly, then, to expect gun control advocates to lobby for RFID tags to be used to find a specific gun, whether used in a crime,on the shooting range, or under your shirt."

...guns serial numbers will be able to be tracked via radio frequency in a manner similar to GPS technology."

Think OnStar here!!!


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    A good friend of mine owns a restaurant, and he and I have been taking his dishwasher (the laborer, not the appliance) out deer hunting this season. The kid got his first buck, and has been having a blast. We have taken him under our wings, because he has no role models, and runs with a bad crowd. We've been trying to get him off the Crystal Meth and into nature and hunting.

    It seemed all was going well, he had been making improvements- not coming to work messed up, hanging with a different crowd, etc..

    Then Friday afternoon the Police show up at the restaurant, looking for the kid (he's actually 19..not legally a kid). Seems he is accused of statutory rape, endangering the welfare of a minor, and nonconsensual intercourse. He was rumored to be having sex with a 13 year old, and her Dad found out, and he wants this kid dead. The kid is now in jail with a $50,000 bond.

    I am really disappointed. I feel sorry for the girl, and her family...and I fully understand her fathers outrage. But, I know this kid, I also know in my heart he is probably guilty. I still feel sorry for him though. He will end up in state prison....and it will seal his fate...he will come out of it more screwed up than before and he will continue the cycle of his father, uncle and most of the other men in his life. It just makes me sick. I really wanted to make a difference in this kids life....I wanted to see the cycle break. But, I guess my friend and I came into his life to late.

    I realize I am rambling...I am sorry....I just needed to vent.

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    Killed on his First Night

    Patrolman Timothy Shane Miller
    Tabor City Police Department
    North Carolina

    Age: 27

    Date of Incident: Saturday, May 15, 2004

    Patrolman Miller was killed in an automobile accident during a vehicle pursuit on his first shift as an officer with the Tabor City Police Department. Patrolman Miller was a passenger in the patrol car that was pursuing a vehicle on N.C. 904 when it collided head-on with another vehicle as they attempted to pass a slow moving car. Patrolman Miller sustained fatal injuries in the accident. The driver of the patrol car and the occupants of the other vehicle were injured in the accident.

    Patrolman Miller had been sworn in as an officer on Friday and started his first shift that evening.

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    The LAPD Motor officer who was rear ended a couple days ago, while stopped in traffic at a red light, has died. Very sad.
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    today...friend of mine lived in small town 10 miles away of about 60 was found yesterday about noon in the hallway of his home dead from blunt force trauma...that's known ..story is tools and pickup from his shop is missing?????...KBI called in...we graduated together...lousy way to check out
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    JAG is coming to an end after 10 years and 227 episodes, with the series finale airing Friday, April 29 at 9PM ET/PT on CBS. In that episode, due to a bombshell dropped by General Cresswell, Mac and Harm are forced to face the feelings between them, once and for all.

    It is a sad sad day [:(]

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    There is a lady who once worked for my PD. She works for the SO and has for a number of years.

    She lost her husband about a year and a half ago, to skin cancer. He was 51 and a heck of a nice guy.

    This evening, her 27-year old daughter and two grandchildren were in a bad car wreck. The daughter was killed and the grandchildren were CareFlighted. Their condition is unknown.

    Initial reports indicate a blown out tire caused the car to go off the road and it hit a tree.

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    If it is happening with Wolf I am sure it will be true for all makes.[:(]


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    You did your best for him.

    I have a 13 year old daughter, and if I find anyone has been trying to have sex with her, there will be no police involved.

    I had an 18 year old guy trying to get next to my 14 year old daughter (she's now 21). I had a talk with him and his parents and he never came near her again. I think maybe the whole family left town.

    There are some situations that must be resolved by direct action, not social engineering. This is one.

    There is some advantage in living in a small town, where everyone knows that you are nuts.

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    Is there any possibility of probation instead of prison? If you contact his lawyer you might be able to help. Prisons are way overcrowded and if this kid can be rehabilitated through community corrections and keep his job, it might not be too late.

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    We all make choices. Some bad, hopefully most good. We make them and then we live with them.

    If you did what you could, feel no remorse. The lad just has a difficult journey to make.

    ...honor is important only when dealng with honorable men.
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    I'm very sorry to hear about this kids' trobles. At least you tried to make a difference in his life, though. Henry had a good suggestion. If nothing else you can put in a good word with the prosecutor about the boy.

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    You did your best. And while I know that may seem to be cold comfort at this point, you have to remember that we are all possessed of free will. You did what you thought was best for the boy and he did what he thought was easiest. There's just no helping some folks.

    However, don't let his failure bring you down. I may be cynical and uncaring, but that's no reason for good folks like you to start acting the same way. You did your best and that counts for a lot.
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    At least you did what you could for the guy. Those are some pretty strong accusations he has against him.

    I know this sounds bad but if it were me I would wash my hands of the whole deal and let the guy get what he deserves. Any 19 year old MAN should know better than to get himself into this kind of mess. I don't sympathize for him one iota.[:(!] But I do feel bad for the girl and her parents.
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    Sorry to hear that RG sounds like you tried to straighten him out. The kid is accused of some serious offenses and if they prove to be true he deserves to be sitting in prison. Trying to have his punishment limited to probation might expose someone else's 13 year old to an unfortunate situation.
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    I am with Henry, it is worth asking at least. Lawyer will likely be public defender, and can use all the help he/she can get.

    You are fighting a lifetime and several generations of role models and bad choices. In the face of that you did good.

    My heros have always killed cowboys.
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    Those cycles can be hard to break. Hope the best for the kid and do not give up on helping others.

    Mad Dog
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    One thing I may do is try to help him if you feel it WAS consentual sex, the way I read your post is it happened more than once and I get the feeling that he may not have forced her. A friend of my daughters was busted at 14, and glad of it.

    Now that being said, for even thinking of having sex with a 13 year old, for that he should be castrated! I have a 14 year old daughter and my feelings are the same as the other posters, anybody, especialy a legal adult even looks at my daughter in a manner that expresses sexual interest will have the sex change operation by me with no anestetic(sp?), up to him to get to the hospital before he bleeds to death[:(!]

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    You and your friend are very good people ... Sometimes we enter a little late in someones life .......

    We Live in a World of Give And Take, But A Lot Of People Won't Give What it Takes.

    " There's plenty of room for all God's creatures. Right next to the mashed potatoes."

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    Remember what they say, we can't really control people and events. Let the Spirit lead you in further steps. It could be, No; it could be, Go Ahead. But only a higher power knows whether further steps will be fruitful, or what steps they should be. God bless.
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    You did your best with the purest of intentions. BUT, if the girl was 13 he should be shot at sundown and buried before the sun comes up.

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    In the State of Alaska that is a mandatory 7 years if convicted. Then you get to spend the rest of your life on the Sex Offender list.

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