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How is it going in the tornado strafed areas?

FrancFFrancF Member Posts: 35,278 ******
edited April 2011 in General Discussion
Just hope you folks are getting the help you need, We are praying for ya out here on the left coast.


  • Alan RushingAlan Rushing Member Posts: 9,002 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Could not state that better. Wishing everyone the best possible.

    For my own kin around there all are alive and OK, they squeezed by this time.
  • trapguy2007trapguy2007 Member Posts: 8,959
    edited November -1
    I watched the National Guard heading to Tuscaloosa yesterday .
    Power coming on in some areas of birmingham .
    Search crews will be looking for bodies for awhile .
    Plenty of volunteers though .
    We go a long way to go .
    But it will get done .
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