The Hurricane Wall Proposal ?

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Now Texas is wanting the government to build a Hurricane wall down from Sabine pass all the way past Freeport Texas!coast!

George P Bush is coming out for a big shovel ready job for Trump to approve.


Texas Lawmakers are asking Pres.Trump to build a wall. Not one for the border, but one for hurricanes.


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    You mean a levee?

    They already got some. They probably need updating... but still.
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    With Hurricanes now heading up the East Coast the government is not going to have enough money to protect or subsidized insurance premiums for coastal infrastructures.

    They overbuild then have no foresight to protect it from the elements.But it's cheap and affordable until catastrophe hits.

    Mother nature is hard to defeat especially in a civilian form. The Military has always been better protecting their installations but it's expensive.

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    Sure there you go again with you're prejudices. What have you got against hurricanes? They all have names and some people feel they need to be kept out. Just because a few a year are destructive?

    Doesn't seem very tolerant....[}:)]
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    ....hurricanes are good ,if your having a slow shrimp season...
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