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probably everyone in the world knew this but me. just called smith and wesson wanting to send my highway patrolman in for reblueing and front sight replacement (pitting). was told they dont work on anything prior to 1958 and mine was slightly older. that sucks i had been saving money and was looking forward to having this redone. Bleah!!!


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    Yeah, most of the manufacturers aren't nearly that good.

    Colt sold off their parts inventory about 30 years ago; now they only have parts for guns currently in production, & won't work on guns for which they have no parts.

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    Maybe if you changed your name to Cuomo.....
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    You have a sixty year old car you want the factory to repaint and replace the headlight on it?

    S&W no longer uses the same bluing and they're not a parts warehouse.

    Its worth asking but I wouldn't be upset if any manufacturer didn't stock parts that old.
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    im not upset just disappointed. but i do have to ask why they will work on a 1958 or newer N frame but not a 1957. and yes i do know they have to set the cutoff somewhere.
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    Smith & Wesson went from "named models" such as Heavy Duty and Highway Patrolman to model numbers in 1957 IIRC. Perhaps they chose 1958 because they consider that the first purely numerical year of model designations? Heck, if it isn't the right reason it ought to be - [;)]
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    If you want it restored, send it to Turnbull.
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    See if the Performance Center can help you out. Or ask where they ship off their re-bluing jobs to.

    You'd think re-bluing and a sight R&R can be done by anyone that's been doing that for a while. I suppose you can have Turnbull trick it out [:p].
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