There is a ray of hope

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Recently, an Islamic physician in Michigan was charged criminally for performing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) procedures on young Muslim females. This is a barbaric procedure of mutilating the genitals of girls as young as six years of age. Finally, a governmental body has had the courage to step up and do what is right. In the Michigan criminal case, it was determined that two of the girls in the indictment were 7-year-old girls from Minnesota.

The Minnesota House of Representatives has passed a bill making the FGM procedure a felony mandating a 5 year prison sentence to any person or physician that performs the procedure. Additionally, up to 20 years imprisonment can be imposed depending upon the level of mutilation and other criteria.

We applaud the Minnesota House for being courageous in passing this legislation. The Bill now goes to the Minnesota Senate for action. We urge all people in Minnesota to contact their State Senator and demand passage of the companion legislation and to contact Governor Dayton demanding that the legislation be signed and made law.

For complete information on the legislation and the vote in the House of Representatives, along with information on the Michigan Criminal Case, please read the article in the following link:


This is truly a ray of hope.
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    What should happen IMO is the DR's the parents of the girls and the all their relatives should be deported to Syria or some other country where they will be happy.

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    Several points.

    I wonder if MI with its large Muslim population is considering or has already enacted such law.

    Lets hope this survives the radical appellate courts, if it ends up there.

    Some of the countries is Western Europe, particularity those with large DEMOCRAT power base are following their normal pattern when dealing with radical Islam and that is appeasement.
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    OK but other states must do the same or the parents will simply travel across state lines to other stupid states ...
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    liberals will be protesting that it is a religious right soon
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    ACLU is already fighting the law
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    Good but it won't make up for making Al Franken a Senator.

    Another good thing, Franken is up for reelection in 2018. Is Minnesota crooked enough to reelect?
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    quote:Originally posted by 1911a1-fan
    liberals will be protesting that it is a religious right soon

    Yep, yet my grandkids can get expelled for praying in school [xx(][xx(]
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