Bye Mom...

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I get that most of you probably don't know me anymore. Life got busy a while back and I became more of a lurker here, but I still show up a couple times a week.

That said, 5 weeks ago yesterday my mom went into the emergentcy room. She was diagnosed with pnemonia, then Acute Myloid Luekemia. They tried a round of chemo that she tolerated well, but there was no recovery from the luekemia. Sunday morning she passed away.

The whole journey from where she knew something was wrong until her passing was about 7 weeks. She was still active until the day she went into the hospital. No one wants to see their mom go, but I have to admit that this whole thing couldn't have gone better. I had my last converstation with her on Saturday morning, she was communicating all the way up til late Saturday night. She was confident in her faith and was at peace through the whole process. It wasn't as sudden as a heart attack where no one gets to say good bye but it wasn't the typical long term poop storm that usually goes with cancer. She was really only suffering the last week and a half, but you never would have known that talking to her.

For those of you so inclined, I would appreciate prayers for my family, especially my dad as he learns to live without mom and learns to take over all the things he took for granted that she did to make his life better.


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