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New Member

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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  12:08:11 PM  Show Profile
Can PayPal be used to pay for a transaction? Iím the seller of a firearm currently up for auction and I was wondering a fast way to receive payment. Auction ends tomorrow night and I was trying to get payment by Friday. If not PayPal whatís another option?

Senior Member

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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  2:01:16 PM  Show Profile
I have used PP for several GB transactions. One thing I do is put a note in the "Notes" box that just says "For GB #XXXXXXXX thanks for your help". I haven't had any trouble with PP rejecting the transaction doing it that way.

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mark christian

32022 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2018 :  2:10:07 PM  Show Profile
PayPal can be used so long as the transaction doesn't violate their policy on firearms:

We [PayPal] donít allow PayPal members to buy or sell any kind of firearm, whether itís in working order or not. The same goes for certain firearm parts and ammunition.

For example, using PayPal, you canít buy or sell:

ēAny firearm, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether theyíre for sport and recreation, collectibles, or curio or relic firearms.

ēFirearm parts, including but not limited to receivers and frames, silencers, and kits designed to modify guns so that they fire automatically. High capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers are other items in this category.

ēAmmunition, including propellants like gunpowder or blank ammunition; ammunition or cartridge cases; and primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm.

Stun gun sales are allowed for U.S. residents, but only if the transaction is permitted by law in both the buyer's and seller's jurisdictions. (PayPal account holders outside the U.S. canít buy or sell stun guns.) Before they complete a sale, U.S. sellers must make sure that the transaction is legal in both locations.

Related items that you can buy and sell using PayPal include paintball guns, blank guns, and air-soft guns, as long as such transactions are legal in the applicable jurisdiction. All of these items must display the markings required by law, must not be convertible to shoot a lethal projectile, and canít include blank ammunition.

If PayPal is used in violation of their policy, Gun Broker will turn a blind eye (happily ignore) to any problems which may result from the transaction.
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Advanced Member

15941 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2018 :  2:40:56 PM  Show Profile
The secret code word that folks trying to pay with PP for prohibited items is "discrete Paypal". If you use words such as gun, firearm, rifle, shotgun, etc, on your invoice or email, they will bust your ovaries.

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Advanced Member

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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  5:08:40 PM  Show Profile
get caught they will lock up your funds for 180 days ,,remeber they are private co
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  8:21:24 PM  Show Profile
"Machine Parts"
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  9:24:25 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by fordsix

get caught they will lock up your funds for 180 days ,,remeber they are private co

I've heard some say the funds just "disappear" never to be found plus they lock your account.

I'd never use PP for a firearm transaction...follow THEIR rules and you won't get busted.

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Posted - 03/13/2018 :  10:24:50 PM  Show Profile
Just say "NO!" Moderator

The Largest Auction Gun Store Online including Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles

Retired Texas Peace Officer/FFL Dealer

Email [email protected]

My GunBroker auctions:

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Senior Member

1168 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2018 :  10:59:31 PM  Show Profile
I refuse to use PAY PAL. They still owe me about 78 dollars from 9 years ago. I bought an item and paid by pay pal. And it was not against their policy. The seller changed his mind and told them the sale was cancelled by mutual consent. I told them BS and to return my $$$. They told me the seller was a respected seller and would let me know. All messages since then have gone unanswered. I will buy elsewhere if pay pal is required.
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Bill DeShivs
Senior Member

1271 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2018 :  11:49:43 PM  Show Profile
I have used Paypal both personally and for my business for years. I have had no trouble at all receiving or sending funds.
You should follow their rules, but it's none of their business how you spend your money.

Bill DeShivs
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Advanced Member

7926 Posts

Posted - 03/14/2018 :  04:35:34 AM  Show Profile
I have used it from time to time to accept payment. Friends & Family gets it to you the fastest with no extra charges. So you have a friend or family member that wants to send you some cash for a plane ticket...

Take a look at these auctions on the otherside...

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