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i just won this http://v4.beta.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=108274285.
Now the real question is what type of ammo does it fire?I dont want to fire it alot, just once or twice and then im going to clean it up really nice and put it in a shadow box. it will be the oldest gun i own and want to hand it down to my kids if i have any.


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    I have a new RIA 38 Super. After cleaning it now it binds when racking the slide and sticks. I can't rack it with the hammer down. Too tight. If I cock the hammer I can barely rack the slide. I don't recall it doing this before shooting and cleaning. What could I have done to it? Could being dry of oil cause it to be this stiff? Next time I have it out I'll put a little oil on the frame rails. Could it make this much difference?
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    Hey guy's and gal's, what else can I do to modify my a-2? I am happy with it, but if anyone can enlighten me to an idea I may not have thought of, cool. Be nice all you ar-15 haters![:D]ar-15.jpg
    I have added a hands free sling since this picture, otherwise, this is what it looks like. Sorry for the poor picture, all I have is a camera phone. What you may not be able to see well in the pictures is a tactical light above the vertical grip which I can activate with my thumb while holding the weapon. I also have a laser sight, as well as a red dot scope. I have a 45 degree rail on top of the for grip that I have not utilized yet, as well as a rail on the right side of the front sight that is not being used. I also have empty rails on either side of the red-dot scope. I appreciate any input and welcome questions. Thanks, yall.
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    Took the Bushmaster to the range only to have a cartridge casing get ripped in half!.

    When a round failed to chamber after firing I opened the bolt and discovered that a factory casing had been literally ripped in half when the extractor pulled it from the firing chamber.

    I now have 1/2 of a casing stuck in the chamber; the bottom 3/8" of the casing is in my pocket! [:(!]

    I'm not sure what to do except take it to my gunsmith; I tried to remove the stuck brass with a cleaning rod and it is definitely jammed in tightly. I don't want to risk damaging my barrel.

    This has to be at least the 10th or 15th time I've had problems of one sort or another with my AR-type rifle. I have to say, if I ever need a real rifle for self protection, shtf or whatever I am USING MY M1A. That is what a battle rifle should be; dependable!


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    your link does not work, ask nunn he'll tell ya.
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    Say's it's a .32 cal.
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    i will tke it its a 32 S&W short.
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    says it's a .32, unless marked otherwise on the frame I'd guess .32 S&W- which comes in Long or Short. judging by the length of the cylinder I'd guess Long. the Short cylinders are noticeably short.

    easy enough to figure out once you have the gun. nunn probbaly already knows. if not take it to a gun shop and have them look at it.

    could be .32 H&R magnum, but I think that wasn't as popular, so less likely.
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    I agree it's a .32 S&W Long. It will also shoot .32 S&W Short as they all were able to do. They were the Hi-Points of their day.
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    It shoots .32 S&W for sure. Maybe .32 Long.
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