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They threw thr baby out with...

alledanalledan Member Posts: 19,541
edited January 2002 in General Discussion
the dirty laundry.London-AP -- A British hospital says it was a "tragic mistake."Queen Mary's Hospital says the body of a premature infant was accidentally thrown into a laundry bin and put through the wash with dirty sheets.The baby weighed just over a pound when he was born 17 weeks premature in November. He died shortly after birth.The error was discovered when undertakers arrived to collect the tiny body from the hospital mortuary. Workers couldn't find it. The body was located the next day on a conveyer belt at an industrial cleaning firm 13 miles away.A hospital spokeswoman says the body was "somehow transferred to a linen basket" in the morgue.The baby's father is quoted in the Sun newspaper as saying this was incompetence, and that somebody needs to be held responsible.The spokeswoman says hospital officials apologized privately to the parents. She also says work practices have been changed to prevent this from happening again.
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