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Did a father use excessive force by kicking his boy in a West Toledo parking lot? Toledo police are asking for help in solving this mystery. NBC24's Rob Packard has the latest.

The story surfaced when an off-duty police officer and his wife walked out of the Andersons, and saw a crowd.

"They looked terrified and concerned for the child," said Darla Scott who talked with witnesses.

What Darla Scott heard from the crowd made her more concerned.

"They said this gentleman had kicked his son and dragged him out of the store. The child couldn't walk and the child was obviously hurt. They told us what car they were in," she said.

Darla and her husband were so concerned about what they heard, they got in their car and followed the suspect. They called police and an officer pulled the suspect officer down the road at a gas station.

"I asked police if they could get the boy out, so I could look at him make sure he wasn't hurt. He could walk and he hugged me. So I know his arm was okay," she said.

While Toledo police talked with the boy's 56-year old father, Darla -- who's a nurse-- continued consoling the child.

"He's been crying for a long time. His eyes were swollen. He said his leg hurt, and his dad kicked him. His dad admitted to police officers he kicked his son," she noted.

Darla was most shocked at what happened next. Police called Lucas County Children's Services for advice on what to do.

"CSB advised them to let the child go back with the parents," said Sgt. Tim Noble.

The little boy was sent back with his dad.

Police have a problem pursuing any charges because when they returned to the Andersons, all the witnesses were gone.

"This is a serious offense, but it's also an offense coming second and third-hand. I feel like the whole system let him down. Something happened to him, and I don't know what. I didn't see it," said Sgt. Noble.

Toledo police checked and found the surveillance camera's caught nothing on tape.

Anyone who saw what happened in front of the Anderson's around 4:00pm Sunday afternoon... You're urged to call Toledo police, Crimestopper at 419-255-1111.


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