damn....they beat me!!!!

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well so much for being the first to wish all a happy new year. but....technically seeing as that i am in kosovo it is 2002 here. so there, stick that one where the sun doesn't shine. let me know how yalls new years celebrations went. due to the fact that i'm spending my holidays making sure some a$$holes don't kill eachother and trying to avoid frostbite at the same time i'm living vicariously through the gang here. hope yous is a good one all -Fergproud member of the P.V.M.
Rule #1: there is no easy wayRule #2: if,in fact, there is an easy way, it's mined (especially in Afghanistan or Kosovo!)


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    WAR doesn't determine who's right
    only who's left. You take care bud!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR, and come home safley.our prayers are with you all.
    Just one more gun and I'll quit.....HONEST....
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    Happy New Year back at ya! Thanx for your service. Hopefully you get a nice tip from Uncle Sam!
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    instrumentofwar--You are always in the thoughts and prayers of your bretheren (and fellow PVM members) stateside. Thank you for your friendship. I do believe that our other member and I must make a pilgrimage to our old stomping grounds and embrace you after you return. Keep the faith buddy.Proud Privately Practicing Parishoner of the PVM. "and then there's ...."
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