Fair Swap ?

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Im in need of a New Dillion RL550b, That being said Im thinking of trading the following for one.1 Mossberg 835 UM NWTF Hardwoods Like New w/box and all papers etc. 1 Mossberg Assor. Barrel 24in Fully Rifled/ported Cant. Scope w/simmons 2x32 pro point scope.Dont get me wrong I love my 835's but I do have 3 of them Just wanting a new toy. The guy is willing to through in a few extras is this a bad deal? Dillon bullet trays and a strong mount.


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    I dont know what either the guns or the press is worth, however, it seems what is important is that you or both you and he are happy. I once traded 1000.00 worth of rifle and scope for 500-600.00 worth of revolver. I was satisfied though, cause I only had 600 into the rifle, you understand? If you are happy with what you get, dont worry about what the items are worth. My 2 cents worth.
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    Similarly, I obtained a rifle that was worth an easy $600 new for $300. I never fired it and then took it in and traded it straight up on a $400 rifle. I wanted the $400 piece more than I wanted what I had. I made money on the deal and the dealer turned around and sold it for around $650. Whatever makes both parties happy.SGT(P) idsman75
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