Hello yall

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I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been lurking around this board for a while and decided it is finally time to participate. I am in the Augusta, GA area (Home of the Masters golf tourney). Is there anyone else near here?



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    Welcome There is this cool firearms website based in GA, I forget the name of it though

    I'm in B'ham, AL. Not to far from ya'.

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    Perrogrande: Greeting and Salutations, I have family in the Atlanta area but I live in West Virginia.

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    Thats cool. My wife is from Arab, AL. I was over there this past weekend for Memorial day. I got to do some frog huntin with my wife's uncle's Ruger Bearcat. We had a blast.
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    Hi Perrogrande, I saw your name earlier. Welcome to the active list. I'm a Yankee but I like y'all just the same, the Civil War ended a long time ago! (Someone forgot to tell Salzo.)
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome. This is a fun place with a lot of nice people.

    And a few old grouches.

    And one or two who need medication.

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    Greetings BIG DOG !!
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    Howdy & Welcome!

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    Welcome aboard! Too much humidity in that part of the world for me!
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    Yo poocho grande, welcome from an old grouch who also needs medication. 'At's called a twofer.

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    welcome aboard,lots of nice friendly knowledgable folks here,think you will enjoy. carl
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    Welcome............but lets get something straight from the get go....
    When we say the "G" word it's guns not golf....................
    Hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have..............
    What's your best gun ?????????????????
    I'm from louisiana but have seen your state once on a map......

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    Welcome aboard. I'm in Atlanta. I used to go to Augusta a lot on ambulance transfers when I was a medic.

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    Welcome aboard...Great place to hang out...

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    good luck in your posting, may all you questions be answered, and all your posts be responded to.

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    Hello right back at you,and welcome.May all your guns always be loaded

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    A great big happy howdy!

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    One question for ya, what's Perrogrande mean?


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    Welcome to the board. I spent a little time in the Augusta area kind of spent some time living with my uncle sam there. That was 20 years ago though. I live in upstate NY now.


    How big a boy are ya?
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    Hola,Big-dog...Mi casa es su casa...Mi casa es L.A.(Lower Alabama)Yo hablo un poco espanol...muy poco,si? Bienvinudos!!

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    Havebig? welcome.
    I am about 40 miles from Columbia SC.
    Have you ever been to the range by Akin?
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    Welcome aboard from the northern realm; In case you haven't figured it out these guys think of golf as a four letter word. But its always fun to ruffle thier feathers anyway!

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    Welcome Big Dog from the sunny west coast! Golf is fun but guns are better!

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    Welcome aboard big dog.
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    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. My best gun is my pre ban Ruger P89. I love it. However I am currently in posession of my fathers nickel plated Colt Python that he used to carry in the early sixties when he was a LEO in New Symerna beach Fla. It needs to have the nickel replaced because he has kept it in his leather holster all these years. Don't worry I have lived here in Augusta for over 20 years, and I have never even been to a g**f course. I am a firearms fanatic through and through, and so is my wife. Again thanks for the warm welcomes.


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    Quieres ser un Perro caliente? I bet you do. I bet them air conditoners are humming in Augusta today.

    "Not as deep as a well, or as wide as a church door, but it is enough."
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    Welcome....it's a great place to chat. Beach
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