Were I was , Intelligence , Arrogance Made in US

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I was for a time "away from the group" investigating things as this
www.ou-research.com and other issues related to "911" and world situation....

Quite a time ago I posted about the danger Of India And Pakistan ..
One a fetish cow adoring nation the other a Muslim "Mainly FUNDAMENTALIST nation ...

One is bound in supertition the other in fanatism ....
"Ganesh" Versus "Mohamed the righteous" (The fight of the century)

TALIBAN dreams to see the INFIDEL DEMON FILLED temples of india Burn in ATOMIC fire ...... India sees Islam as destroyers of their values
tradition and Temple "ART", Want to preserve their adoration of RATS,
monkeys and COWS ...(Islam forbids all this fetish)even the right of the people to be "donkey orifices". HEHEHE !

So as in "folklore" Shiva the destroyer of worlds will release the IRON bolt with the power of 10,000 suns to scorch and burn the earth to purify it from it's sins (Another RELIGIOUS WAR ) with its followers wishing to DIE to see paradise ....(Let it be !)

As my intelligence report there will be a surprise nuclear exchange and many americans will die as a result ,EVACUATE NOW!! or on your pants later when nukes start raining down.....it's your choice...
die there or later here.....

On US we have the problem, Authoritys now recognize they are SAM 7A
on US SOIL !

I don't know what they are going to do after they find out 23 nukes also made it to US soil .......

The "axis of evil" KNOW they are fried if they dont take action, so
they are giving FULL support to TALIBAN forces .....

The bighest mistake bush has made is to anounce a WAR he cannot undertake and tell the ENEMY he is after them ....

Same mistake Sadam made with US ....IF Sadam Instead of Waiting for US made a MOVE first as to eliminate Coalition force bases he might have won......

US now is in same spot ,US either eliminates the threat or it will get eventualy to him first ..

The last thing is, "US SPIRITUAL PROTECTION WAS REMOVED BY THE SPIRITUAL MASTERS"...with out that NO physical weapon in the world can protect you ..... only your personal hierarchy can save you from
the events ....... ,That also will be so...

Why ? America protection was removed ...Arrogance, plain, simple crude
arrogance ,against GOD,the PEOPLE and the Constitution they swore to defend ....

So better wake up now ......


Poor choice of destiny make thoose that for upholding the law go against the "LAW".


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    Sorry for the cut and paste but its easyer for thoose of you not willing to click on a link ......(I told it first )

    Are We Primed For A 'Second'
    Indian Nuclear War?
    By John Hogue A Hogue
    Prophecy Bulletin
    [email protected]


    It has been a long time since I last wrote a bulletin to you. The reason for this is the quickening pace of current events. It has taken me time to catch my breath. At the time of this writing I can identify the potential emergence of three, destiny-changing dangers ahead; they are:

    1.) A nuclear war between Pakistan and India taking place this June or later this autumn.

    2.) The treaty recently signed by Russia and the United States to reduce strategic nuclear arms does not augur peace in our time but deepens the mass-hypnotic suggestion of a false peace before nuclear war.

    3.) A Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in our skies at the end of June will see a historical opportunity for peace. But if President Bush misses this opportunity to change course then both he and his country will march down a road to military catastrophe and economic ruin.

    I will start with the most immediate danger before us, nuclear war in South Asia. The other two dangers will find their way to you in successive HogueProphecy Bulletins, hopefully before July.

    Here we go.

    Summer comes early over the South Asian sub-continent and by May the temperatures easily clear 40 degrees Celsius (105 Fahrenheit). It is a time of heat rash nights in oven-hot homes perfumed by evening blooming jasmine. The blazing white ball of the sun straight over your head conjures a kaleidoscope of flowering color from the bougainvillea vines wrapped around the walls and pillars of colonial bungalows. The oppressive daytime breath of summer is sweetened by love calls of cockerels and Coo coos perched in flame trees of crimson flowers.

    The * of Indian summer heat can also inspire the crowing of Coo coos of another kind. The hot weather of May often sparks communal violence between religiously extreme Hindus and Muslims, or worse?it can agitate threats of war out of the mouths of prime ministers and presidents of India and Pakistan.

    This year?s Indian summer is one of the worse in decades, tempers and war fever have not been this hot since May of 1990. The next 20 days will either see the monsoon rains cool the hot heads down, or there could be a nuclear war killing millions.

    The end of May 2002, saw over 1,200 people in India die in one of the most severe pre-monsoon heat waves to ever hit the country. The Coo coo birds cowering in the branches of flame-flower trees across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were falling dead in mid-song from temperatures soaring as high as 123 degrees Fahrenheit!

    In mid-May Kashmiri terrorists sneaking over the disputed border of Jammu-Kashmir turned up the heat of the Indo-Pakistani crisis when they slaughtered a bus load of mostly Indian Army officers? wives and children. The incident has sparked two weeks of protracted and daily artillery duels over the disputed Line of Control. Units of the Indian army are heading for forward positions for what appears to be some major conventional invasion of suspected terrorist camps just inside Pakistani-occupied territories of Kashmir.

    The reports I receive from friends and press alike in India depict an almost cavalier disregard for the horrors of impending nuclear war. It is as if heat exhaustion has burned out the reasoning chip of everyone?s moral programming. There seems to be a shared love for the bomb by either side that rivals Stanley Kubrick's doomsday satire, "Dr. Strangelove." Equally apparent is a disregard to consider the consequences nuclear war will have on South Asian life and civilization.

    What has seeded this fatalism?

    Perhaps this is not the first time South Asians have contemplated nuclear war. Back when I was in India, during the last nuclear face-off in 1990, I came across a selection of translated quotations by Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. In 1994, I published these passages and this commentary on page 4 of the "The Millennium Book of Prophecy":

    Before 6500 B.C.: Prehistoric Nuclear War

    "A single projectile, charged with all the power of the universe; an incandescent column of smoke and fire as bright as 10,000 suns (from) a shaft fatal as the rod of death.

    "Endowed with the force of thousand-eyed Indra's thunder: It was destructive to all living creatures....Hostile warriors fell to the earth like trees burnt down in a raging fire....Elephants...fell to earth uttering fierce cries...burnt by the energy of that weapon.

    "A substance like fire has sprung into existence...blistering hills, rivers and trees. All...are being reduced to ashes....You cruel and evil ones, drunk with pride, through that iron bolt you shall become exterminators of your race." The Mahabharata, Ancient Hindu poem Nuclear cruise missiles of antiquity?

    Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, chief scientist in the creation of the atomic bomb, believed it possible that a nuclear war was fought in the twilight of prehistory. He was well versed in Hindu legends chronicling the appearance of a new and unknown weapon, used at the * of an antediluvian world war called the "Mahabharata" where whole races were "burned beyond recognition" and survivors suffered what appears to be radiation sickness: "Their hair and nails fell out."

    Let us hope that Hindus and Muslims of South Asia consider the mistakes of the past and not repeat them again in the near future.

    John Hogue Rogue Scholar/Author of:

    Nostradamus: The New Millennium Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome The Millennium Book of Prophecy 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium

    Visit my web site at: http://www.hogueprophecy.com

    Poor choice of destiny make thoose that for upholding the law go against the "LAW".
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    Amazing, Judge. I think your assesment in the first post is fairly accurate.
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    quote:Poor choice of destiny make thoose that for upholding the law go against the "LAW". Hmmmm, interesting quote. Where else have I seen this "LAW" thing??

    "Just my opinion."
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    Dread,they were clearly thinking
    of you when they came out with that
    movie"A Beautiful Mind".

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    Dread,they were clearly thinking
    of you when they came out with that
    movie"A Beautiful Mind".

    I dont think so, I made it to paranoia level 5 in my training ....
    and still kept my control ....(I am still alive).

    I am one of a few guys in the world classified as a weapon of mass destruction ....

    One of this days if I get bored to death I will join the church and become a Jesuist Monk ....



    Good...? , Bad...? Who cares ? as long I am the one with the the gun.....
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    one of a kind


    mirror this
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    "...and become a Jesuist(uit) monk!" Someone warn the Dominicans!
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    Yep! I might convince the Pope to start a new inQuisition ....
    AWWW ! with the modern tools of "Hellsing" dept. I can clean the church of pedophyles in less than a week ....

    Torquemada ,Le sade,and Blad The Impaler will pale to me in comparison ......

    Call me ALUCARD !!!! HE HE HE !


    Good...? , Bad...? Who cares ? as long I am the one with the the gun.....
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    Thanks for posting this information, now I won't have to buy those supermarket tabloids to sooth my inquiring mind...any tips on where the stock market is headed?
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    Any tips on where the stock market is headed?

    Is headed to the pits I told a week ago in another post, I think the market crashed 700 points this friday 12.

    Stock market is a ripp off for the "gentiles" they fall off for the "bullish" add put on TV and put their life savings at risk by
    programed sugestion of a Bear and a BULL (Definitely BULLISH)...

    I think I am quite well informed in this matters...

    My counsel , Buy lands off the Citys as investment , be self- sufficient ,own water own electricity, be it solar,Wind or free
    energy device ,have your own machne shop www.smithy.com electric or methane-hydrogen powered car and prepare for the worst ,tools and guns and power sources can be better investment than gold .

    You may think I am wrong ! try cutting firewood with a Gold brick
    or Hunting for food with Gold coins. In anarchy gold leads to early death, its useless .... can only be good to pay your way out and die at another place and without it!

    The only good use might be to goldplate your guns to prevent rust...
    In survival the measure of value is based in utility and not speculation, beware also of Gold and silver there is so much of the stuff to be cheap as aluminum or steel.

    (Gold prize is also Bullish stuff) In a Nuclear winter its shiny surface will only reflect you starving face ....
    A tuna can or a pound of corn will be worth its weight in it....
    Buy a farm, built greenhouses ,use aquaculture ,Hydrophonics,grow your own food ,MAD cow is already on the US ...Avoid meat BE foods and
    preservatives ....


    Good...? , Bad...? Who cares ? as long I am the one with the the gun.....
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    BUY THAT MAN A DRINK! A Coors Lite for Me, and the Judge will have a double shot of Ritalin,
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    a double shot of Ritalin......... ????

    And mess up my superior right brain mutant survival skills ....

    Never !

    Hand me over the Virgin dressed in a Dakiny(GOODESS) dress....

    You all can get drugged and drunk wile I enjoy Paradise lost ....

    HE hE HE HE !


    Good...? , Bad...? Who cares ? as long I am the one with the the gun.....
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    WOW Judge!With your post.I'm entertained and informed!

    fighting censorship...with an attitude
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    Wow! Entertainment tonite!

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