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SawzSawz Member Posts: 6,049
edited November 2002 in General Discussion
I Just happened to be going through my geneolgy this afternoon. And this surprises me as much as it does you , but I found out Im related to you through some fluke of nature I cant quite explain . So with that in mind ol buddy, I was just happen to be passing close by your place , say in ohh about two weeks or so, I thought about dropping by your place for a visit to see how our family is doing. what do you say Cuz

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    RosieRosie Member Posts: 14,525 ✭✭✭
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    Be happy to have you. I have about twenty apple trees that need pruned real bad and too many grapes to trim to count. I also have a new building that needs a nice bed of stones around it and a bedroom that needs completly re-modeled. need all the help I can get, come on over. BTW did your momma work at the mustang ranch too? Iffen her name wuz Mary Bell then we is second cousins! That wud make us real close cuz!

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    wipalawipala Member Posts: 11,068
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    Yes now we see all the distant relatives coming outa the woodwork once you win a lot of goodies. So don't give away the farm Uncle Rosie

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