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Some 150 years ago our forefathers, devised a postal service called the Pony Express, They endured many hardships, Bad Weather, Bandits, wild Indians, riding from daylight to daylight, and were able to deliver the mail From St Louis to California in just 7 Days

Today with all the modern computers, mail sorters, zip codes, airplanes, delivery trucks, and 10,s of thousands of workers they can deliver the mail from St. Louis, to California, in just a week



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    I don't care if the USPS goes to 5 day delivery. I don't even care if they stop home delivery altogether. I was thinking about taking down my mailbox and getting a P.O. box anyway.

    Actually, they have it backwards. Now, home delivery is free, but you have to pay for a P.O. box. What they ought to do is give us a P.O. box for free and charge a fee for home delivery. After all, it costs them way more money to bring the mail to your house than it does to just stuff it in hole in the wall.
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    If this was not such a sad true statement
    It would almost be funny.
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    I thought the same thing a while back, but after giving it some thought, I changed my view. The postal service handles 1 billion letters a day compared to a few letters during the pony express. The pony express basicly delivered to a town not to each home. There are hundreds/thousands of stop points to distribute the mail in route-ect.
    Not really that bad for .34 cents.
    I'm sure it could be better, but I'm no expert on the mailing system.
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    I use to * about the cost of postage. That was before I spent $1.10 to send my buddy a postcard from Austria.

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    Being that I spent over $40k with the post office last year, I'll throw in my anti-lazy-bastard rant here. :)

    The USPS is the worst part of government I've dealt with (except the IRS.) They are incredibly incompetent. Not a week goes by that I don't have lost mail, or get someone else's mail.

    It is soooooo frustrating, to say the least.

    I'll stop here. :)


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    $40K IN POSTAGE!!! Damn.

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