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"NEW" Browning Hi-Power

Spring CreekSpring Creek Member Posts: 1,260
edited January 2002 in General Discussion
Has anybody seen the the latest Hi-Powers, that are now being shipped to dealers.Let's say I'm not impressed!Comes in a nice black carrying case, with Browning stamped "proudly" on the case.Included is a Browning owner's manual.No extra mags anymore.But now the real kicker: There isn't the word "Browning", anywhere on the pistol.FN is the only name you'll find.Other than the crude stamping of "FNMI"Coulumbia, SC on the left side of frame.The one I handled was the cheap looking Mark III, with it's nice "Maaco Auto Body" black paint job.PLEASE!! Don't tell me I that I can't go to a gunshop and fondle a P35 Hi-Power, with an actual "Blued" finish and wood grips.sob, sob,,,,,,,,,,


  • bsebastbsebast Member Posts: 190 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I have not personally seen the new Hi-Powers but I assume they are made to the same specs as the former pistols. Like the Colt 1911, Hi-Powers have been manufactured over the years in many places...but all to the same basic specs. The new ones "should" shoot as well as the old ones.I have been a Hi-Power fan for a long time. I've even collected them. Today, one of my personal carry guns is a Hi-Power with a painted finish (what's left of it) like you describe. It doesn't look very good, but it is 100% dependable, and more accurate than I am.And yes, the days of the new bright blue P35's may be over. To get one you may have to find someone willing to sell you their old one.
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