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Over $675000 in Guns sold in 1 day

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Over $6750000 in Guns sold in 1 day

Guns owned by Bonnie and Clyde sell for $504K at auction
Bonnie Parker's .38-caliber Detective Special that she had taped to her thigh when she was killed in 1934 drew the highest bid and sold for $264,000, said Bobby Livingston, vice president of RR Auction in Amherst, N.H., which held the auction.

Clyde Barrow's 1911 Colt .45-caliber automatic sold for $240,000 to the same bidder, who didn't want to be named, Livingston said.

Butch Cassidy gun goes for $175G at auction in California
A .45-caliber gun once owned by Butch Cassidy has sold at auction in Southern California for $175,000.

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