Did I Miss A Good Deal ? ? ? ?

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I have been to 2 or 3 gun shows in Dallas in the past year. Each time I pass a table with the German WWII stuff, I want to kick myself.

The wife & I did a Baltic Sea cruise last year to ports in Sweaden, Finland, Denmark, St Petersburg(Lenningrad) for 3 days with a day trip to Moscow and also Tallin, Estonia. Tallin is not too far from St Petersburg but there we had time to walk around the town, went to a small mall and flea market. Anyhow, at the flea market, several vendors had a log of German and Russian stuff from the war. Lot of uniform patches, medals, belt buckles, ID cards, German arms manuals, and a lot of other stuff I thought was just junk. I probably could have filled up a small suitcase of stuff for 25-30 bucks. Almost everyone in Russia and Estonia wanted the US $. Oh well, maybe another year might go back. Would like to see Russia again in a few years. Sure was interesting.


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    Just be aware that there is a lot of counterfit and knock off Nazi stuff out there. What you saw may not be, but you should know your stuff before you buy.

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