38 Utah groups muster opposition to the U.N.

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38 Utah groups muster opposition to the U.N.
By Jesse Hyde
Deseret News staff writer

OREM - Bliss Tew didn't laugh like his neighbors when the La Verkin City Council banned the United Nations from the small Utah town last year.

A pro-gun-rights sign on I-15, like Utah's 38 anti-U.N. groups, is sponsored by the John Birch Society. Groups range in membership from five to 50.

Jason Olson, Deseret News
"I would like to see every adult citizen of the United States sign a petition to get us out of the United Nations and every city, county and state government to support that in the form of resolutions," says Tew, an Orem man with dark hair and the square jaw of G.I. Joe.
In some circles, Tew would be considered a right-wing wacko for believing the United Nations is an international conspiracy designed to first take away America's guns, then its freedom.
But he has plenty of company.
Besides the people of La Verkin, there are 38 organized groups in Utah, ranging in membership from five people to 50, who believe the same thing. The groups are sponsored by the John Birch Society, a conservative organization that also wanted former President Bill Clinton impeached.
It is unlikely an ordinance will be passed in Provo or Orem banning the United Nations like the one passed in La Verkin last year, even though the two large Utah County cities are considered some of the most conservative in the state.
But Tew says interest in his movement is growing in Utah County. His ultimate goal is to persuade the state's congressmen to support a resolution that would remove the United States from the United Nations.
Tew admits this is a long-term goal, and an ambitious one at that. He says he has the support of many high-ranking Republicans in the state, but he knows many politicians support the United Nations.
Orem Mayor Jerry Washburn says to maintain peace, the United States must continue its dialogue with other countries through the United Nations. Isolating ourselves will only cause greater conflict, Washburn says. Other elected officials say the matter is none of their business.
"I believe the job of Orem City Council is to take care of Orem city, to take care of sewers, parks and streets," said City Councilwoman Judy Bell. "Whether we're in the United Nations or not doesn't help me flush the toilet. It's not our job to get us out of the United Nations. Me passing a resolution is like putting a grain of sand on the ocean and saying, 'Where am I at.' "
That response doesn't surprise Hans Anderson, chairman of the Utah County "Get US Out" committee. He says most city councilmen and mayors in Utah County aren't even aware of the perils of the United Nations.
"I think we come across as Ducky Luckys, like we're screaming, 'The Earth is falling,' and everybody looks at you like you've got something stuck in your craw or you got hit on the head," Anderson says. "Most people have that perception."
Anderson hardly looks like a fanatic. He seems a man as middle of the road as his profession - accounting - and his dress - khaki pants, plaid shirt, braided belt.
Instead of encouraging local politicians to pass anti-U.N. ordinances or resolutions, Anderson is working hard with Tew and 16 other members of his committee to "educate the electorate." They have done this largely through advertising, which includes a billboard on I-15 near Orem and 56 television commercials on KJZZ and KSL.
One of those ads brought Paul Genther of Orem to a recent informational meeting hosted by Tew and Anderson. The meeting, held in the basement of an Orem natural foods store, was attended by about 30 other men and women.
At the meeting, Genther was told, among other things, that the United Nations is a communist organization that wants to protect the environment through sterilization and abortion.
What upset him most, however, was the U.N.'s plan to build its own army by taking away America's guns.
"I don't buy this thing about a widespread conspiracy," said Genther, a stocky man with a flat top. "But if my two sons have to go to war for the U.N., they will die without honor. If I'm going to lose my son he's going to be defending his country."
Anderson said what draws men such as Genther to his group is a fear that the United States is decaying. His group gives them an explanation.
"Different people have different perspectives depending on their background. You know if you went to a public school or a private school or home school you're going to look at the world in different ways," he says. "Most people don't get concerned about something until something goes wrong."
He smiles, as if to say he hopes it's not too late. http://www.deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,405008010,00.html

"If cowardly and dishonorable men sometimes shoot unarmed men with army pistols or guns, the evil must be prevented by the penitentiary and gallows, and not by a general deprivation of a constitutional privilege." - Arkansas Supreme Court, 1878


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    I've never quite understood this fascination with the UN and that it's going to take away my guns and concour America. Seems like anytime the UN is sent somewhere they're just a paper tiger with no teeth. Lacking the will or strength to immediately get any countries or groups to stop fighting each other. A couple cans short of a six-pack I guess!
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    Be wary, BE VERY WARY. When the UN turns on the US AND IT WILL, they will have the support of every other country in the world. They have already proposed so much crap for our nation that it is unbeliveable. That includes the fact they now have control of our national parks and monuments.

    The second admendment GUARANTEES the other nine and the Constitution!
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