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MI City of Novi contemplating banning CPL holders from public property

Josey1Josey1 Member Posts: 15,758
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City of Novi contemplating banning CPL holders from public property Submitted on: January 30, 2002 City Council Debates New Gun Ordinance1/29/02 At Monday evening's Novi City Council Meeting, a first reading of a proposed new ordinance to ban weapons in City buildings and at public meetings was read, discussed, and passed on a 5 - 1 vote. Mayor Clark, while indicating that he is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, spoke strongly in favor of the new ordinance, as did Council Member Landry. Police Chief Douglas Schaefer also spoke in favor of the new ordinance. Mayor Clark stated "we are facing a real crisis in this country. The people who are opposing us and what we stand for are playing for keeps." Council Member DeRoche was opposed to the new ordinance, explaining that a city ordinance and sign would not stop an illegal act. DeRoche stated "there must be a purpose behind what we are doing. Otherwise we're just giving symbolism."Ok folks, here's another job we need help with. Novi City Council is trying to bar all of us from any city-owned property. Please take note of Mayor Clark's allusion to terrorism as an excuse to put restrictions on us law-abiding gun owners. That cannot go unanswered. Also please be aware that during this meeting, Councilmember Landry said that there is nothing today to prohibit someone from "playing with their gun" at city meetings. Just what does that mean? Does this guy really think that people with CPL's will draw their pistols and idly twirl them when bored? It sure tells us what he thinks about anyone with a CPL. But like the Mayor's statement, it cannot go unanswered.Please take a moment to fire off an e-mail to each of the council members and the mayor. Here are their addresses. Let them know (politely) that you do not agree and also remind them that there is a state ordinance which will prohibit them from enacting this ordinance. It is PA 319 of 1990, known as the Pre-emption Statute. Also let them know that MCRGO is already filing a lawsuit aginst one city for enacting such an ordinance and Novi might well be next.Council Members are Kim Capello, David Landry, Louis Csordas, Craig DeRoche (one of the good guys), Laura Lorenzo, and Michelle Bononi,(Mayor Pro Tem)The Mayor is Richard [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


  • concealedG36concealedG36 Member Posts: 3,824
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    Thanks Josey,Here's what I wrote them:Good day,I do NOT agree with your attempts to block licensed Michigan CCW holders from carrying their firearms ANYWHERE. The new Michigan CCW law is already too restrictive, where gun free zones (read: criminal safety zones) prohibit law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. Any attempts to add more restrictions to residents' right to keep and bear arms will be completely against my will as a taxpayer and voter. Not to mention that it is in direct conflict with state ordinance PA 319 of 1990, the Pre-emption Statute. The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership is already filing a lawsuit against one city for enacting such an ordinance and Novi might well be next.Please reconsider this foolish plan that was obviously not very well though-out.Sincerely,
    Gun Control Disarms Victims, NOT Criminals
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