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Time tospread the word and vote in MA:Libertarian Carla Howell announces run for gov.

Josey1Josey1 Member Posts: 15,758
edited January 2002 in General Discussion
Libertarian Carla Howell announces run for governor By Associated Press, 1/29/2002 16:54 BOSTON (AP) Libertarian Carla Howell announced Tuesday that she plans to run for governor this year on a platform of massive tax cuts, a drastically reduced state budget and ''100 percent gun freedom.'' ''I am the only candidate for governor who will shred every anti-gun freedom law on the books in Massachusetts,'' Howell said. ''More guns mean safer communities.'' The cornerstone of Howell's campaign is a ballot question she is pushing to repeal the state's income tax. The repeal would cost the state $9 billion per year and comes as the state faces a weakening economy and calls for more government services. Howell said her proposal would create jobs and give every working person $3,000 that could be spent, saved or given to charities. If approved, the ballot question would cut the state budget from the $23.5 billion proposed by Swift to about $14 billion, she said. While Republicans and Democrats are arguing about how much to increase the budget in the new fiscal year, Howell said she would slash spending. ''Small government is beautiful,'' Howell said. ''It means making Massachusetts government so small that we don't need an income tax.'' Howell ran for U.S. Senate in 2000 and lost to Democratic incumbent Edward M. Kennedy.
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