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CRPA Counter Attacks Against Gun Ban Lobby Campaign To Eliminate Gun Businesses

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CRPA Counter Attacks Against Gun Ban Lobby Campaign To Eliminate Gun Businesses Direct Mail Effort Warns Local Officials Against Being "Used"The California Rifle & Pistol Association has launched a counter attack against an effort by the gun ban lobby to eliminate licensed gun dealers. In response to newspaper advertisements and press releases by a San Francisco gun control group urging the advancement of the group's agenda in Orange, Fresno, and San Diego counties, CRPA has sent letters to every official in those counties opposing the counter productive efforts. The San Francisco group is promoting ordinances that effectively eliminate gun businesses by zoning them into areas which, as a practical matter, don't exist. The proposed ordinances also impose a number of cost-prohibitive burdens on firearm dealers, including redundant licensing and insurance requirements, and tried-and-failed ammunition licensing and registration schemes. Irvine's consideration of such an ordinance has gotten significant press attention. Contrary to the claims of the gun ban lobby, a recent December 2001 US Justice Department report ("Firearms Use by Offenders") proves that criminals typically do not get their guns from licensed gun dealers. In fact, over 78.8 percent of crime guns are obtained illegally. The illegal black market was the source from 39.2 percent of crime guns, while 39.6 percent of criminals illegally obtained their guns from "friends" (including fellow gang members) or family. Anyone in the business of selling firearms in California must have federal, state, and local licenses, and all must comply with the same security and state inspection requirements regardless whether of whether they operate from a storefront, from their homes, or from occasional gun shows. There are no "loopholes" for different sales locations or whether a dealer is small or large. "Firearms dealers, and that includes small home based dealers, have been around for as long as firearms have existed," said Chuck Michel, CRPA spokesman. "Modern day California dealers are licensed at the federal, state and local levels. They cannot operate without local government permits." he stated. "If local officials think a local firearm business is a problem, they can pull its business license. It is that simple. They should not allow themselves to be used by a group with a secret agenda." The gun ban lobby claims it only intends to eliminate home based firearm dealers. But the devil is in the details of the proposed laws ?_" which do far more than the proponents admit. And their claims about home based dealers are also false. Other than size, the primary difference between the two is that home based dealers typically do not stock an inventory of firearms for sale, but engage only in customers' special orders. Thus, they do not keep stocks of firearms in their homes. In fact, many home based dealers sell only specialized firearms to law enforcement or competition shooters. CRPA's 70,000 members include law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents. CRPA instructors have been teaching safe and responsible firearms ownership to those who choose to own a gun for sport or self-defense for over 125 years.
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