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Letter Re: Gun Control

Josey1Josey1 Member Posts: 15,758
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Letter Re: Gun Controlfrom Mark BatemanDear Fellow Gun Owners, I was visiting my local gun range in Texas and I noticed a letter near the register from the BATF. It was a "ruling" from a few years back that was reclassifying certain shotguns, such as the Striker 12, as a Class 3 item which would now require permission to own from your local law enforcement authority, fingerprints, photographs, background checks, and, Hitler's favorite: REGISTRATION. These reclassified shotguns are not fully automatic firearms, suppressors, or explosives. These are SHOTGUNS! Remember the good old days where "they" just wanted our handguns and Would NEVER touch our rifles and shotguns? We warned the "hunting-types" back then and our proof exists today. THEY WANT THEM ALL and this "backdoor registration through reclassification" is going to be their key. We defeat them in the ballot box. We defeat them in the legislature. We defeat them in the courts. However, here is where they CAN AND ARE WINNING: the bureaucracy. The bureaucracy has for quite some time been the NEW lawmakers in our land and the ability of the BATF to simply make a ruling that turns YOU into a FELON for possession of what was once legal is creating law without representation. This is BANNING (through economics) and REGISTRATION by bureaucratic ruling! Sooner or later the BATF will issue another ruling, which will classify all "assault weapons" as defined by California law as Class 3 items. There go all those semi-automatic "military" rifles and shotguns, ALL LINED UP FOR REGISTRATION and, of course, future confiscation. How do we stop this registration and law without representation? Don't think for a minute that your duck hunting shotgun (DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE) or bolt-action deer rifle (SNIPER RIFLE) is immune. THEY WANT THEM ALL! We are lucky that September 11th did not involve the use of firearms or you would see the 2nd Amendment disappear as quickly as the 4th Amendment is. It is only a matter of time until our worthless cowards in Washington give up the rest of our rights for the undeserving majority of the public that continues to vote for these spineless politicians and the false perception of security at the expense of freedom and liberty. Why hasn't Ashcroft, Bush, Ridge, NO ONE emphasized the ESSENTIAL IMPORTANCE of the armed INDIVIDUAL citizenry in this Home Defense? Perhaps defense is not the ultimate objective? Oh, hell. have a nice day and go fly on a plane somewhere to buy something ... Disgusted, Mark Bateman [email protected]
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