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GOVERNMENT......I know very little of this matter concerning Globalization, accept for what I've heard, I remember President Bush mention a New World Order, once, and most recently the thing that stands in my mind is that the UN and European Union has pushed their agenda of disarming the United States of their citizenry right to bear arms.Notice how, Democracy form of government as defined herein, describes what all Democrats believe to be so, and the Republican form of government, appeals to the words written in our Declaration of Independence, affirmed by The Constitution, as God given writes, which most all Republicans agree on.I am not trying to stir up anyone concerning their religious beliefs.I culled this out of an article which appeared in a pamphlet, which obviously is written by someone, concerned about this issue.Turbo,Everyone may wish to rule the world, but the question is, WHO AND IN REALITY HAS THE POWER TO DO SO? And what type of government do they want to set up? And what happens to our BILL OF RIGHTS and CONSTITUTION? What happens to my PROPERTY RIGHTS? What happens to my right to pick and chose my employment? What about the right to live where I want? What about my right to use my mind and skills to amass wealth for myself and my family? You have to examine the documents and the quotes of the people INVOLVED IN THIS OPEN PLAN to obtain your answers. You will not like those answers, but the CONSPIRATORS DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. They openly say that as well. You are NOTHING to them. Your beliefs, your desires, your dreams are of NO CONSEQUENCE. Their vision of a NEW WORLD ORDER does not include INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AT ALL, but rather focuses upon GROUP RIGHTS. "The rights of the many over the rights of the few". It is simply called DEMOCRACY, which is another word for MOB RULE. The United States was not set up as a DEMOCRACY. In fact, the Founding Fathers all warned about the dangers of DEMOCRACY. Because they were very fearful of DEMOCRACY, they set up the United States as a REPUBLIC. In fact the Constitution of the United States guarantees a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT IN EACH STATE. Yet President and President and world leader after world leader speaks of our DEMOCRACY. There is a VAST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO CONCEPTS. To boil it down to the nitty gritty, to where the rubber hits the road, the difference is this:IN A REPUBLIC THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL ARE HELD SUPREME AND INVIOLATE, said rights to have been granted BY THE CREATOR, A HIGHER POWER.IN A DEMOCRACY THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE HELD SUPREME AND INVIOLATE, said rights to have been granted BY POPULAR OPINION AND VOTE. The dangers of DEMOCRACY are obvious, and need to be reviewed.The Founding Fathers of America knew that democracy was the PRELUDE TO DICTATORSHIP, and in fact was the LAST STEP PRIOR TO DICTATORSHIP. If this is true, and history will prove it is, then why are all of our world leaders screaming for a WORLD DEMOCRACY? The answer is simple and very chilling: IT IS THE DESTABILIZATION PHASE TO BREAK UP THE OLD WORLD ORDER TO BRING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER: A FASCIST DICTATORIAL SLAVE STATE. If you do not believe it, READ IT IN THEIR OWN WORDS. So where does one begin if you really want to know the REAL TRUTH about a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO TAKE THE WORLD? You begin with the people involved, the LEADERS, THE SHAKERS AND THE MOVERS WHO WANT A "NEW WORLD ORDER", the VISIONARIES of the next millennium. Here are some quotes from the LEADERS THEMSELVES:"In stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles and procedures of international law would proceed to a point WHERE NO STATE WOULD HAVE THE MILITARY POWER TO CHALLENGE THE PROGRESSIVELY STRENGTHENED U.N. PEACE FORCE.."FREEDOM FROM WAR, The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World Document 7277.Now if the United Nations is to be strengthened to a point where NO MILITARY POWER ON EARTH CAN CHALLENGE HER DICTATES, may we then say that it is the OFFICIAL POLICY of the United States to SUBMERGE AMERICA under the United Nations? And also the OTHER NATIONS OF THE WORLD? And if the UN has all of the weapons, and the peoples of the world have NONE, then how can they RESIST any DECREE the UN decides to make? In point of fact, they CANNOT, and that is EXACTLY what the Bible says: "WHO CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST?" So then, are the LIBERAL MEDIA, such as NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN LIARS when they say that the militia and right wing conservatives are WACKOS and totally in error when they claim there IS IN FACT a move to bring the United Nations up to FULL GLOBAL POWER? That is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, and it is a UNITED NATIONS CONSPIRACY. However, under the official definition of conspiracy, which must be secret, we fall short. IT IS NOT SECRET. It is OUT IN THE OPEN."The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American branch of a society which organized in England..and.believes NATIONAL BOUNDARIES SHOULD BE OBLITERATED AND ONE WORLD RULE ESTABLISHED."Carrol Quigley, Professor of History, Georgetown University.Professor Quigley was given the chance to actually look over the documents of the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, and wrote of it in a book called TRAGEDY AND HOPE. The society he speaks about in England was formed by Cecil Rhodes, who left a fortune to develop a ONE WORLD GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. "We are grateful to the WASHINGTON POST, THE NEW WORK TIMES, TIME MAGAZINE and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."David Rockefeller on the silence of major media which allowed them to implement the plans for the New World Order in secrecy."We shall have WORLD GOVERNMENT , whether or not we like it. The only question is whether WORLD GOVERNMENT will be achieved by conquest or consent."James P. Warburg, International financierThere are many more such comments and quotes. In fact, there are HUNDREDS OF THEM, and made by the leaders and shakers of the NEW WORLD ORDER. You see, it is SO OPEN it is a SECRET. It is so OBVIOUS, it is HIDDEN FROM VIEW. The agendas were all laid out for EVERYONE TO SEE. Therefore the PEOPLE HAVE NO EXCUSE, and when the DICTATOR ARRIVES, it is their own fault. FREEDOM REQUIRES VIGILANCE. What about written agendas? Are there any? YES! Here is a SHORT LIST:I cut it short because it goes on and on, quoting, individuals giving their own thoughts on this subject.I don't know enough about this to have an opinion way way or the other, however if it's true, which is a possibility, at least from the "sound bite" point of vue, we are in trouble, and need to make sure that we do everything we can to elect men and women of character, honety, openes, to serve in our highest elected positions..[This message has been edited by turbo (edited 01-31-2002).][This message has been edited by turbo (edited 01-31-2002).][This message has been edited by turbo (edited 01-31-2002).]


  • edharoldedharold Member Posts: 465 ✭✭✭
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    There are no "God given rights" You only have the rights you take and defend.A world government would last less than 30 seconds before it tore itself apart.
    "They that would give up liberty to obtain safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"Benj. Franklin, 1759
  • XracerXracer Member Posts: 1,990
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    Time to put on your tinfoil hat and go take "Government 101".
  • timberbeasttimberbeast Member Posts: 1,738 ✭✭
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    The United States is a Constitutional Republic. It is not Democracy. The entire basis of the Constitution is Individual Rights, endowed upon each individual by their creator. There is no such thing as "group rights" or "government rights". Democracy is mob rule."The main danger of this republican form of government is that someday it may degenerate into a democracy." Benjamin Franklin
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    ..ole Ben Franklin hit the nail on the head, didnt he? what a prognosticator!>bob[This message has been edited by burn1bob (edited 02-01-2002).]
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    Was Ben Franfklin a Federalsit or an Anti Federalist. You be the judge, his viewpoints are written in history. This subject in this article is brought to the readers attention but, defined by each persons affiliation with whatever party you consider yourself aligned with.The Constitution, described what form of government, we are supposed to have.To my knowledge it has not been changed by any amendment, however, in recent court decisions (this is another method, which the liberal left uses to create laws, by appointing liberal left leaning judges to the bench) and laws which have been established by different legislatures, the Mob Mentality does apparently rule; ei: the barring of certain forms of small arms, a person may own or bear.These laws are enforced, mainly because, they go unchallenged, or, because this Republican form of government doctrine is NOT made an issue in the defense of the peoples rights. BF's statements are so true, when people stand by and don't defend their rights, another form of government will be replaced by the MOB..[This message has been edited by turbo (edited 02-02-2002).][This message has been edited by turbo (edited 02-03-2002).]
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