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My new toy



  • FourFortyFourFourFortyFour Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    That's what's up! Play safely in traffic. See you in Sturgis next year? I'll be the old fart with the two-tone blue '77 FLH. Used for daily transportation since I bought it in '84. Got 100,000 miles on it, and still the original bottom end. I've hit cars with this baby, and have done more damage to the car! Nothing like a Harley.
  • mudgemudge Member Posts: 4,551
    edited November -1
    OH MY GAWD.....We've been infested with "BIKER SCUM". (Takes one to know one.)My ride's a '95 Road King, my wife's is an '88 Low Rider. Yeah...She owns a Harley AND agun. Is she a keeper or what?Hey, FourFortyFour.....Didn't I see you in Sturgis in 2000? Our instructor in the Experienced Rider Course (a Honda rider)was outraged to hear that we didn't wear leathers ALL the time. I explained to him that in Harley 101, we're taught not to lay them down. Drive smart JD. Always glad to see another hog driver.Mudge [This message has been edited by mudge (edited 09-07-2001).]
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