40,000 Traffic deaths each year in the U.S.

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I just heard something over my favorite form of media, there are over 40,000 traffic deaths each year in the U.S. Now tell me, what do you think should be the major concern of all those people who have their anti-gun stickers on their cars? Their own vehicle or our guns. For those of you who are familiar with my posts on certain threads, this is why I use vehicles in a lot of my examples as to how justice should be, but how unfair it really is when you put things into the proper perspective. If you get into an argument with an anti, do as I usually do, use their own vehicle against them. The statistics are staggering, when compared against any other deadly disease or instrument of death. When confronted with hard facts, most people just dont know how to defend their discrimination against people who own guns, when confronted with the fact that something they use and depend on and enjoy creates more of a threat to society than our guns. My 2 cents worth. Stay unified in our cause to preserve our heritage.
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    I always tell rabid anti-gunners that they'd be saving alot more lives if they focused their anger on making alcohol illegal first, then work on guns after they've succeeded in banning alcohol in this country.Alcohol kills alot more, gets alot more wives beaten, people drowned, people in the hospital dying from longterm illnesse, etc... The problem is too many anti gunners enjoy alcohol in their personal lives, just like most of us pro gunners do...
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    My 2 cents, You want to make this country safer?? Start at the courts. Start making people responsible for their own actions. Quit plea barganing. I'm so sick of the excuse "my dad spanked me when I was little therefore I am not responsible for my behaviour". And all the other excuses are getting real lame. More mandatory sentencing, build more prisons if need be. Ban the A.C.L.U from any courtroom activity. You dont need to ban alcohol, cars or guns. You need to make it known that if you do a crime you WILL do the time! Think before you drink or take that drug," can I controll my behaviour if I drink?" If the answer is no then don't do it. I was a major alky for a long time but I never used the "disease" as an excuse for what I did while drunk. Sever punishment not couseling and pampering will cure alot. Aslo remember the post yesterday about driving buffalo off cliffs? substitue lawyers for buffalo.
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    They say that having a gun in the house increases the chances of injury or death via accident or suicide or whatever. I always laugh and respond with the fact that a pool in the backyard increases the chances that your kid or the neighbor's kid will wander in and drown when your back is turned. I just love the logic of some of these libs.
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    Hey 7mm... My thoughts exactly!! Far too many "bleeding heart" hypocrites in our judicial system.I think we should kick them all out of office... and start fresh in the morning!!
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