Got a deer this morning with a Muzzleloader

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My second deer this season, both were slickheads. I'll add in the details later. Kinda tired right now. [;)] Got it at 8:16 this morning from my stand at about 85 yds. It was a small deer. I was still happy to take it though. Still got more tags too.


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    keep filling them. i got a buck tag and a doe tag to go

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    The rest of the story:
    I had a hard rifle season in Missouri with poor weather conditions both weekends and heavy hunting pressure on the surrounding farms.
    I got a doe and passed on a small buck. My hopes were down, as first two days of muzzleloader were poor, never saw a deer. On Sunday morning it was nice and we agreed to stay on the stands longer. At 8:00 am, nothing, boredom settin' in. A few minutes later I caught some movement in the woods behind me, but couldn't identfy anything. Kept watching the same area and suddenly a deer jumped the fence on to the property I was hunting but disappeared behind a big oak. I raised the Knight T-Bolt in anticipation as it slowly moved and stopped broadside. At first I thought there was too much brush between the deer and me, but I saw a window of opportunity that looked open. I settled the crosshairs on the slightly quartering away deer's chest and squeezed the trigger. Smoke and thunder filled the air and the deer bolted as if unharmed. I thought "Oh no, I missed" but no sooner than I thought that I saw it stumble and fall to never get up. The radio came on "Did you get one?" My usual response of course "You know I did" It was only a button buck, but after a more difficult than average season so far I considered him a trophy in post rifle season. I skinned it out and the Sierra .44 240gr JHC did a wonderful job and exited in front of the off shoulder, he ran about 35yds. I was using 110gr eq. of Triple Seven and musket caps. Still have tags, so I'll be back at it later in the week. I passed up four antlerless deer last night from the same stand. It doesn't alway take a big rack to have a great hunt, it helps though[:D][:D]
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    cletus, Congrats on your ML shot! Hope you get the freezer full and get some use out of your tags! GHD
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