Who's going to be near me in NC, When I move?

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I have the countdown going. I'll be leaving here Aug. 28th and travelling to Camp LeJeune,(Jacksonville)NC. Dont have a house lined up yet, things havent been going our way trying to get one for rent. Thats another topic I'll stay away from for now. The main thing I was wanting to know is, which members are living close to me down there, and how close is close? I'd appreciate knowing who I can meet after I get settled in. Let me know who's in the area. Ryan

SSgt Ryan E. Roberts, USMC


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    Hay Rob
    Welcome to the south! It is a little differnt from Missouri.
    I am around 100 mi from Jacksonville. Right by Hartsville SC.
    There are a lot of gun shows at Myrtle beach and Florance SC.
    Maybe we will run into each other some time.
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    Hey Ry,

    I`ve got a brother on the Pamlico Sound,
    east of New Bern.Little place named Hobucken,
    next to Lowland.I use to go through Jacksonville
    when I`d visit.

    How long do you expect to be there?

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    Robsguns.....you're going the wrong way!....Idsman and I are in the other direction...where the "Big Deer Antlers" grow.
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    Ryan, now you'll only be 800 miles away rather than 1200+ . . . getting better all the time! Camp LeJeune . . . Jacksonville . . . nice in the winter, but man the summers are a ***ch. Be sure to unpack the A/C and beer first!
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    Icono you are right! yesturday it was 106 in Sumter SC. And 103 in Camden SC, Hay Rob If you need a place to hunt let me know. I can hunt deer and turkey from my back porch.
    Have also seen bobcat, fox, wolf and even a bear on my land.
    Toolbabe is hatching Quail right now. So I will have those running around soon. I just hope that some of them stay around.
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    I have friends near Burlington. Alot cool stuff to do in NC. My friend pans gold there and the bass fishing is great. Hunting is good as well. Watched a tv show on the outdoor channel a few months back and they were hunting black bear. Got some monster blackies down there not alot of people no that... Ill be down next year...

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    Tools1 the temps (and humidity) right now sound unbearable, but he thought of hunting deer and turkey from the porch almost makes it worthwile! That is enviable! Pretty cool.

    Robs, take a look at Cherry's Fine Guns in Greensboro some weekend when you fell like making a 200 mile trip. I have gotten a couple of nice rifles from them off their web site.

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    Tools1, I may take you up on that place to hunt.

    Rembrandt, I'm not going the wrong direction by choice, I sure wish I could get out there to hunt, living there wouldnt be a bad choice either.

    Beekeep, I'll be here at least 3 years, possibly 6, could be my last duty station, sure hope so.

    SSgt Ryan E. Roberts, USMC
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    Sarge, After all the posts and e-mails and forwarded funnies I might get to meet you! I'm setting up dealers for seed all around Carolina and I'll be spending a lot of time there in the fall and on those days when I finish up I can drive down and meet up with you. You're about 4.5 hours from me at home but anly an hour or so from where I'll be staying. Let me know when you get moved. GHD
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    I'm probably a good 8hrs or better away, but I will meet you, and pick you up, on the way to one of those great hog hunts I hear about down that way.

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    Rayan, What happened to Camp Penelton?

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    Hi, Robsguns. I live right here in Jacksonville. Am presesntly recovering from a 67 day stay in the hospital, so give me some time to get back to normal then alert me on this forum.
    The rental market is tight here, especially if you have pets. Think about buying, it's less scary than you might think. Check out www.realtor.com for local listings.


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    Up near Greensboro NC in about 354 days. End of Enlistment. I'm going OCS Official Civilian Status.

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    I'm from the N.C. mountains. Up in Ashe county. Right in the very corner of the state. Ashe county is bordered by Virginia and Tennessee.
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