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groundhog devastationgroundhog devastation Member Posts: 4,495
edited January 2004 in General Discussion
Happy New Year to all my fellow GB comrades!!! I hope 2004 brings you much success/happiness in all endeavors!
I just finished doing the 2003 books for the reloading room! Looks like I loaded 2153 rounds for a various assortment of centerfire rifle(XP-100's included in total)! Shotgun loadings are not included as they aren't much to deduce performance from! Either they kill the dove or crow or bust the little orange clay thingy, or they don't!!!!! Groups don't seem to matter much with the scatterguns!
Here's hoping that everyone here enjoys their firearms to the fullest in 2004! Looking forward to hearing about, reading about, and seeing the results of your endeavors!! Hoping to meet more of my "cyber friends" and shooting buddies next year!!! GHD


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