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ARMED STUDENTS SAVED THE DAY January 30, 2002 -- Thank God The Post had the guts to report the real story about what happened at the Appalachian School of Law ("The Missing Gun," Opinion, John Lott Jr., Jan. 25). Two students were brave enough to go their cars, retrieve their guns and proceed to stop a madman from claiming more victims. However, the mainstream media managed to ignore these two heroes, in order to protect their own views on gun control.Wayne CongerYork, Pa. Lott is exactly right. The mainstream media and the anti-Second-Amendment crowd both refuse to face facts: A firearm in the right hands saves lives, and "gun-free school zones" do absolutely nothing to save lives. Both the Appalachian School of Law and Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan are "gun-free school zones." Did that designation stop criminals from discharging their weapons?Peter DavisManhattan Kudos to The Post for printing what the rest of the media have hidden. It is frightening to think that important facts can be so conveniently omitted with regard to what is certainly a controversial issue. How can there be any semblance of representative government if the citizenry is deliberately denied the whole truth on an issue such as this?Stephen C. KingKeene, N.H. Lott brilliantly illustrates what the gun-grabbers don't want Americans to hear - that two million crimes are stopped by armed citizens each and every year.Michael DivelyDuncansville, Pa.


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    Thanks for the post. I don't think gun-free school zones do anything to help keep kids stay safe. I teach a first grade class in PA. And i also have a permit to carry. I have talked to many of my co-workers and they all agree that they would feel safer knowing that someone carried inside the school. I know that teaching inside a elementry school is not the worst place to work; but i also know that there are many people who are crazy and could start shooting in school. The way i understand PA's laws on concealed carry i can't even keep my dun locked inside my car. So i never bring my guns to work at all. I just wondered if anyone else thinks that school should not be gun free for citizens with valid permits to carry.
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