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Oh well!

alledanalledan Member Posts: 19,541
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Shibergan, Afghanistan-AP -- There's been plenty of criticism of the way the U-S is treating its captured Taliban and al-Qaida fighters.But some Taliban prisoners in northern Afghanistan are begging to be sent to a U-S prison.The Taliban fighters say they are living in squalid conditions. The prison where they're held in northern Afghanistan is jammed to ten times its capacity with about 35-hundred men.The warden says, "We are struggling."Doctors at the prison in Shibergan say medical supplies are critically low. They say nearly a third of the prisoners there are suffering from chronic dysentery and other gastric problems.And there's a growing fear of more sickness when the weather warms.A Pakistani prisoner in Shibergan says, "The United States should help us."


  • alledanalledan Member Posts: 19,541
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    Kabul, Afghanistan-AP -- Serious allegations are being leveled at U-S troops in Afghanistan.Published reports quote some Afghans as saying they were beaten by troops at the U-S base in Kandahar.The Afghans were among 27 captured north of Kandahar and held at the camp for 16 days before being freed last Thursday.In the words of an army spokesman -- "accusations of excessive force are not consistent with the humane treatment American forces are providing."Meanwhile, U-S troops hope forensic evidence will help them determine who was killed in an attack by a remote-controlled aircraft last week.U-S officials contend al-Qaida members were killed when the Predator drone fired a missile in Paktia province. But local residents say the victims were ordinary Afghans, not terrorists.
  • badboybobbadboybob Member Posts: 1,658 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Things are tough all over this year
  • old single shotsold single shots Member Posts: 3,594
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    Very well said badboybob.
  • kimberkidkimberkid Member Posts: 8,857 ✭✭✭
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    nuttin a nickle's worth of lead wouldn't cure ...
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    If it does get warm there'll be less to feed and prosecute
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