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Misleading advertising alert- Williams Gun Sight

vol fanvol fan Member Posts: 301 ✭✭✭
edited September 2004 in General Discussion
In the event that you might be tempted to rely on their catalog statement that the Williams WGRS-70 Receiver Sight "fits all post-war model 70s", be advised that it DOES NOT!!

This product does not work on .375 and .458 Super Grades due to a different screw hole spacing. When I called Williams to ask what was the deal, I was told that they were fully aware of this but weren't interested in changing their application charts to reflect this non-application, had no product for my application, and certainly were not interested in paying for the drilling and tapping needed to make their "fits all" product fit my gun.

Another used-to-be-good company that doesn't care anymore, I guess.

(p.s. Leupold (and probably others) has figured this phenomenon out, and offers scope bases in both screw spacings)

Today's rant.


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