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Another kids & cars

IAMACLONE_2IAMACLONE_2 Member Posts: 4,725
edited May 2007 in General Discussion
I am in the same situation as Selectfire.

The 2 youngest grandsons, Dereck & Kyle, want vehilces.

Told them 2 years ago, you turn 16 & get $750 in cash, And I would get them a vehicle.

Dereck has $400 so, far. But cant keep a job, he knows more than the bosses.

Kyle, "Mr. Pro Skate Board", cant work. He is too busy with this friends practicing to become a Pro Skate Boardered.

Thats Kyle's loss, besides he wants a new "Cadillac Escalade"

Either way, no %750, no vehicle.

I was leaning towards a used $3000, S-10, Ranger, C1500, F150, Luminia, Tarus or Focus for them them.

Lots of luck there Select Fire, Or anyone else going through this, this summer.



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