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You thought the Smoking jacket was long

Smokeeater 38Smokeeater 38 Member Posts: 2,735
edited December 2002 in General Discussion
You guys thought the Smoking jacket club thread was long, check out this one I found on an HVAC site. It is under the general discussion and was started by a guy that is caring a 9mm while working. He was asking about any thoughts, liabilities or experiences I gave up trying to read it all but it had 847 posts and has been read 15170 times. It was started on 02-15-2001 and last post was 12-30-2002 at 03:57 PM and is 34 pages long.

The link to the first page of the thread is:

Any of you HVAC guy or gals will want to check out the rest of the site I like it the have a lot of good information.

I rush in where others flee.
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