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3 Million S. Koreans Eat Dogs -
Meat Now Even Sold For Microwaves
Sydney Morning Herald

Dog meat lovers in South Korea can find the delicacy in hamburgers, soups, biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, and even * creams.

Now dog meat especially packaged for heating up in the microwave is available, and it's just a phone call away for many people in Seoul.

A longtime dog meat restaurant owner is delivering dog food from her eatery as well as another outlet, and business is brisk.

"Our purpose is to provide to patients in hospitals and other people who want dog meat but do not have access to it," Yang Sun-ja, a member of group of dog meat restaurant owners, said yesterday.

Since starting the operation in June, Yang has received an average of 100 orders a day. The dog meat, which costs 10,000 won ($A22) for each plastic container, is ready for consumption after four minutes in a microwave.

About three million of South Korea's 47 million people are believed to eat dog meat, and there are an estimated 6,000 dog meat restaurants nationwide.

International animal rights groups have condemned the practice as barbarous, but South Korea did not agree to their request for a ban on dog meat sales during the World Cup tournament in June.

South Korea has no law governing the sale of dog meat. Concerned about its image, South Korea temporarily closed down dog meat restaurants in Seoul when it staged the 1988 Summer Olympics. It cited a law that bans sales of "unsightly food."

Many Koreans consider criticism of the practice a slight to their national pride.

South Koreans slaughter only so-called "meat dogs" that are bred for eating, rather than as pets.


400 million cows can't be wrong ( EAT GRASS !!! )


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    I spent two years in korea and found they eat all kinds of things you may think are gross, rotten cabbage, live octopuss, sea urchin, dried fish, pigs feet that still has the skin and hair on them, rice patty bugs that resemble a cross between a praying mantis and a giant walking stick, cat, rat, and much more. I prefered to eat on base and rarely ate anything besides shrimp and chicken breast off post. I remember hitting a dog and looking in the rear view mirror seeing two men fighting over the dead dogs carcass.

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    I truly doubt those guys were fighting over the carcass to eat.......Koreans are VERY VERY VERY picky about what dogs they eat. They only eat certain dogs that have been raised a certain way, etc. They won't even eat a dog that has white hair on it! (Not sure why.....I was told "it is bad")

    I lived in Korea for a year, and ate with the locals nearly every single day.

    Fantastic food. Give me all the rotten cabbage, dried fish, hot squid, and dogmeat you have, I'll eat it. :)


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    I spent almost three weeks in China a couple of years back. I was amazed at the items sold in the open markets. Every type of snake,
    lizards, odd looking fish, squids, and many things I had no idea what they were.

    It was an interesting dinning experience every day that I was there.

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    Even when travelling in Europe (yup, that place between russia ans the US.... somewhere) - be sure to know your french.!!

    Fried snake is a bit different - but is quite allrighty. =o_
    So is doggie and candied cocroach - maybe nothing beside a t-bone steak or ribs.. but hey, if you're hungry....

    Next thing i'm promised to try out is a rat burger.. =o)
    kind of looking forward to it..

    sort of makes me think.....
    the first guy or girl to ever eat a clam (those sea-thingy's in two shells...), seeing that light wobbly stuffy.....
    he or she would REALLY have to have been hungry...

    Peter E J.

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    Those guns are YUMMMYYYY !
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    Of the best meats DOG is 1rst for taste ,2nd cow 3rd Iguana 4rth chicken, horse meat,lamb,goat,hare,cat,ants,bees,cockroaches (last resort).

    OF all odds things I have eaten from, I say dogmeat is the best !


    400 million cows can't be wrong ( EAT GRASS !!! )
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    Did you say what I think you said?


    Did sombody say somethin` about bees?
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    My first road march in the ROK I witnessed three drunk korean gents who had apparently either been to a funeral or were getting ready for one because they were wearing the cerimonial paper bag hats. They were burning the hair off of what appeared to be a german sheppard type dog they had hanging from a tree. It was nasty, you could smell the burnt hair all the way up the side of the mountain... You eat what you want, the only way Id eat dog is either unknowingly or out of necesity. I lived off compound the last month and a half I was stationed in korea with a White Boot Marine and his family. A long story... I did enjoy alot of korean food but some things were better left to the natives...

    When Clinton left office they gave him a 21 gun salute. Its a damn shame they all missed....
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