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Bass-Turds did it again!!!!!!!!!

wanted manwanted man Member Posts: 3,276
edited January 2006 in General Discussion
Wis legislators voted today on whether or not to override the POS Gov's veto of the proposed CCW. 2 (two) POS Dem who had voted FOR the Bill initially turned their backs on the public's desires and voted along Party lines!
Why am I surprised?!?!?!
One of the TRAITORS is from MY district and I AM PISSED!!!
I 've now made it my mission in life to see to it that SOB is NOT re-elected!!!
On another sad note, my UAW Local supported this guy, who ran UNOPPOSED in the last election.
Got more than one * to chew, I now realize!
This whole thing makes me absolutely furious!!!
I better stop here before I say something that'll get me in trouble![B)][V]


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