S&W model 51

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Can I safely shoot 22 short, long and long rifle in a S&W model 51 with a 22 WMR cylinder?


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    No. The WMR bullet and cartridge are larger than the S,L,LR.

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    No you can't shoot anything in it but the 22 mag unless you have a 22lr cylinder that a good gunsmith has aligned and timed for that gun. The distance from the end of the bullet to the start of the barrel would leave room in the cylinder for the bullet to get expanding and turning so that when it hit the barrel it would spray lead and or copper every which away and back at you too.
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    I don't know what a mod 51 is
    but for many years we shot 22lr out of
    a 22 mag cylinder in a ruger single six
    without incident
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    You maybe able to shoot the LR but you could also split the case and get a face full of powder. Your call. [xx(][xx(][xx(]
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    Heck I got a face full of powder
    shooting #2s out of a 12 ga 1100
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    No. The .22 WMR has a larger diameter case than the .22 short, Long or long rifle. The only other round safe to shoot in a .22 WMR cylinder is the .22 WRF, which has the same diameter case, is slightly shorter and slightly less powerful, more difficult to find, but is no cheaper to shoot.
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    Time to think here! If it was safe why would they offer guns with both cylinder in a set...
    Off the top of my head here but they are something like .004ths different in size...or just enough to explode instead of propel. Yea you might get by with a thousand times or you might need a new face and hand on the first attempt!!!
    Personally, Id say don't freaking do it!!!! But if you do can I have the left over parts!!! The gun not you!!!
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