My old girls end is finally near

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Had her for 13 years and she was the best one I've ever owned. I still remember the day I got her and how beautifull she was. Noticed she was having problems on the way home from work day before yesterday. I hoped it was just a some lines got crossed or something, but this morning it was confirmed. I'll miss her. [:(]

Couldn't hit 5th gear yesterday. She had no problems going to work the following night. Then on the ride home I couldn't hit 5th gear agian. It got steadily worse on the ride home until I only had 3rd and 4th gears. On a side note it's hard to get going from a stop in 3rd gear. I bought her brand new off the lot and she now had 161,000 miles on her. Those miles she gave me very few problems. Just normal stuff like brakes and such. I just can't justify getting a new transmission in her considering she's getting up there and is using a bit of oil now. Interior is not in good condition at all either. I guess it's time for a new car. Wierd that I'm actually sad about it.



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    You're using common sense to get a new car. When I had my '87 Chevy pickup I went the other way. At fourteen years of age and 300,000 miles I put a new engine and transmission in it. [:D]
    The road to hell is paved with COMPROMISE.
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    My work van has 300k on her. Still looks good but I know that V 10 is stating to get old. She can't light em up with 800# of tools in her like she used to. She used to out run everything on the road except the gas stations.[:D] She is an 2005 model.

    U should hear a Ford V10 with flow masters. Sweet sounding, much better than a V8 sound.
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    Just 160k? Must have been a GM!

    Our Honda has 275k on it...and it's just getting broke in. It's never been wrenched on, not even once, other than periodic maintenance and consumables. The worst thing that's ever happened to it is the 'check engine' light came on. That was 250k ago...it's been on ever since. The true incarnation of an 'idiot light'.
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    If you like the car, think of it this way:

    Just for the sake of argument, let's say it will cost $2,000 to overhaul the transmission.

    Now, pretend you don't own the car, but are looking at it offered for sale.

    The sale price is $2,000 and the car has a newly-overhauled transmission.

    Do you buy or pass?
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    Give her a second life and enjoy she ain't dead yet
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    Dude! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

    Your car is running in "limp mode". Have it checked for codes and you wIll probably find out that the only thing wrong is a shorted out $30 shift solenoid.
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    Flying Clay Disk, I'm not 100% sure about a Honda, but a Mitusbishi the check engine light suppose to come on every 25 K, just as a reminder to have any service performed. Theres a little slide switch behind a fake panel on the dash that must be slid in the other direction to make the light go out.
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    Sounds like you need a new clutch.
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    just shy of 240K on Dori's Blazer
    Take that for a GM[;)]
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    at first i thought you were talking about a DOG.., a real living Dog that is !!

    now i find out it is a "car" (?)

    i have a 1978 Ford Bronco i special ordered from the factory, took ownership of it Nov. 1977AD, 35 years of great service, only minor repairs needed, done them all myself, some with my wife's assistance, like rebuilding the front suspension system.

    i will never retire her, my friends two year old son, calls it "Big Blue Bronco" [:D]
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    quote:Originally posted by USN_Airdale
    at first i thought you were talking about a DOG.., a real living Dog that is !!

    Me, too. I was hesitant to read it!
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