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Great wishes for 2004. Happy New Year!

Ruger22Ruger22 Member Posts: 385
edited January 2004 in General Discussion
~ The utter and complete destruction of Al Quida and all related vermin.~
~ The continued economic growth and prosperity of this great Republic~
(with special note and prayers for our beef industry and those who's support our infrastructure , esp. farmers, herders, etc).
~ More Americans waking up and realizing that the 2nd ammendment stands between us and enslavement through tyrrany.( remember that Hitler was elected).~
~ More patriots elected to our government(the presidency inclusive).
~ Democratic reform in the middle east and the continued prosperity of Israel as an example of the only true democratic state in that troubled region~
~ Tougher enforcement of laws on the books and REAL prosecution of criminals to serve as a true deterant to crime and not an impediment to responsible American gun owners~
~ Safety and security to our armed forces deployed here and overseas , who are protecting us from the barbaric hoardes and savages~
~ Particularly special and specific thanks to those F-15 and F-16 squadrons up in the air right now guarding high valued target air space as we sip champagne. We thank you and remember you~
~ Shorter drive thru lines at Sonic.~
~ More Rugers for me~

Brian Ostro.
member: NRA, John Birch Society, American Numismatic Association.


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