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Houston D.A. ignores new law!

gunnut505gunnut505 Member Posts: 10,290
Here's a little story from the Houston paper explaining what OTHER things can keep you from getting a CCW in Texas (which used to be required to carry a gun in your vehicle).
The idiot District Attorney has decided that, regardless of the new law; drivers will be persecuted for having a gun without the now-not-mandated CCW permit.

"More than 237,000 Texans have concealed handgun licenses. But many other law-abiding adults don't have licenses because they are disqualified by exceptions that have nothing to do with public safety, said Alice Tripp, a lobbyist for the Texas State Rifle Association, an NRA affiliate.

Tripp said people who have defaulted on student loans, who owe the state sales tax or franchise tax payments or are behind in child support payments are ineligible to receive a license."

As long as pinheads continue to ignore the will of the electorate when they "interpret" a plainly-stated ordinance into something it was never intended to be; there will be unfair and capricious justice in our land.

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  • mpolansmpolans Member Posts: 1,752 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I don't see what you're getting at. There's an existing law that says failure to pay taxes and child support can be a bar to getting all sorts of licenses and permits (drivers license, hunting license, law license, etc.) and a CCW.

    IIRC, there's a separate law that says you no longer need a CCW to carry a gun in the glove box of your car.

    I don't see anything in the quotes you've provided that indicate the Harris County DA office is going to start prosecuting people for having a gun in the glove box. Did you accidentally leave that part out?
  • JamesRKJamesRK Member Posts: 25,672 ✭✭✭
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    Second sentence, first paragraph, that's pretty much what he said. He substituted "persecuted" for "prosecuted", but in this case, I'd say that's appropriate.

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  • ComengetitComengetit Member Posts: 1,170 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I read this story too. The D.A. openly said "we are going to make the arrests and let the judicial system work it out." Now come on, how can you get away with openly defying a law as a prosecuting attorney and then tell the taxpayers they are going to foot the bill.
    Oh God, please make it stop!!!

    It cannot be presumed that any clause in the constitution is intended to be without effect;... - Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137, 174 (1803).

    The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now. - South Carolina v. United States, 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905).

    History is clear that the first ten amendments to the Constitution were adopted to secure certain common law rights of the people, against invasion by the Federal Government. - Bell v. Hood, 71 F. Supp., 813, 816 (1947) U.S.D.C., So. Dist. CA.

    " Those who give up a little freedom for temporary security, deserve neither freedom nor security "
    - Benjamin Franklin
  • joker5656joker5656 Member Posts: 5,598 ✭✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by mpolans

    IIRC, there's a separate law that says you no longer need a CCW to carry a gun in the glove box of your car.

    not sure what u mean (if your talking about Texas), but this butthead of a DA will even go forth even if the gun is in the glove compartment, or any where a cop can get his paws on it if someone lets the cop do a search. DA in this case means DUMB *

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  • WranglerWrangler Member Posts: 5,788
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    The law makes it permissable to "travel" with a handgun in the vehicle. Some of the DA's say the law does not clearly define what "travelling" is. Is travelling driving across the county? Is it across three counties? Or, is it around the corner to the convenience store? So, they are going to continue to prosecute Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon (UCW) charges. What's the saying? You may beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride. Ultimately, one of these cases will be appealled. The appellate court will have to make a ruling and set precedence.


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