Revolver thread 2: Best hunting revolver?

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What's your favorite hunting revolver?


What have you shot with it?

If you could only pick one, which would you pick and why?



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    Since there's nothing a handgun can shoot that a rifle can't shoot better, I prefer actual hunting to be done with a rifle. However, the convenience of carry makes a niche for handguns when you're sort of hunting, but not completely so. For these times, such as when I'm taking my dad out to a stand, or accompanying my sons on hunts or other situations where having someone get a shot is the main idea, I where my 6" Mdl 29 w/Leupold 2x in a bandolier holster. That way I can be taxi driver, guide and all around outfitter, while still having the capacity to take something should the opportunity arise. There are bigger, more powerful handguns, but the Smith is light enough to be handy, yet has completely adequate power for anything I'm going to come across. So far I haven't shot anything with it, which is more testament to the success of the priority missions than any shortcoming of the Smith.
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    This S&W Performance Center Model 29 (.44 Rem. Mag.) served me just fine in taking my first deer--with anything--last December. One shot at about 30 yards put meat in the freezer. Worked for me. [^] Of course, at that range, my Colt Python .357 Mag. could have done the same, no doubt.
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    S&W 686 4" .357 Mag. I haven't shot anything with it other then paper, but it's one sweet shooting revolver and by far the cheapest caliber for me to shoot with my own reloads. It goes with me on every trip to the range.

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    The only one I've killed anything with is my Super Blackhawk,.44mag,SS,10.5" bbl.,Pachmeyer grips.Feral hog at about 45 yards.

    Gonna get it out soon and shoot it enough to where I can hit somethin' again.One of the places I hunt won't give me a shot much over 75 yards.Most shots are much closer.


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    The Cyclops was an attempt by Rossi to make a custom gun at a standard price. I understand that they didn't make it for long because they were not making enough money on the firearm. I have one, I shoot it regularly, and it is a well-balanced tackdriver. As I understand, it only came in one caliber, .357mag.


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    I currently hunt with a 6" Colt Anaconda 6" .44 Mag. It is topped with a Tasco PPII Red dot sight. Extremely accurate and a solid built revolver.

    2nd choice if you prefer a .357 would be a S&W 686 6". I often carry this as back up during Whitetail season during Shotgun season.

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    I've taken a few deer with my Redhawk 44 over the years so the 44 gets my vote. Bought a new Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter for Christmas last year and just topped it with a Burris 2x. Can't wait for season this year. May even try wild boar.
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