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i went to my not so local gunshop(meaning it is much closer to work than home)set up a transfer for a mauser i had gotten online. see my previous rant for back story( http://forums.gunbroker.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=261376 ) when i walked in, they have a cosignment area up front, i noticed an m1 garand on the wall, so after setting up the transfer i spoke with the shop owner about the garand to get some info. he stated it was a 1955 or 56 (i can't remember) h&r arms, that the former owner got from cmp 5-6 years ago. the rifle appears in excellent shape with very good wood and sharp lands and grooves. i had forgotten to ask why it was being sold(i figure it was to raise funds for something else) it was being asked for $850, i offered $800, the shop owner checked the paperwork and said yes.


ok not the best picture in the world, i took one more and the camera died(bad batteries), and of course no more "aa "in the house.

i have read that h&r arms, though they did not manufactured alot of garands compared to springfield, have an excellent reputation.

now with my enfield 303, my garand, and the mauser on the way i see a day at the range in my future.

any comments are welcomed and if you have better insight to this maker of garand please share.


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