Hey Zipperzap

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Hey Zip, reading one of those old posts, I started to wonder...

What ever happened to Boliver's Wife-Melly?

It seemed like she was always posting here and then haven't seen a post from her in quite a while. I know you communicated back and forth with her some. I just kinda wondered and recall seeing something a while back that made me kind of curious.


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    I kind of wondered what ever happened to Boliver? Let alone his wife.
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    I am retired here - no more thread posts - but I do read the threads from time to
    time and to answer your question ... I dunno. I suppose you could send her hubby,
    or her, a GB e-mail and ask. Melly was/is an absolutely delightful lady. I miss her,

    Every once in a while I come across a person who I'd really like to meet and just sit
    down with a cup of coffee and chat way into the wee hours ... Melly is one of those
    people. If you DO contact her ... tell her Zippy says, "Hi!"
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