Antique Car Buffs? Charles Crapo Durant, he was!

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This was kinda interesting a few minutes ago.

I ran up to the store to get some stuff for breakfast - Spanish omelette day!

I saw this beauty - a 1927 Durant 'Star' nestled amongst the Detroit
and * iron! Since I've been involved in car restoration for years and
this little beauty was PERFECTLY RESTORED (10 year and $60 something
K) I hung out and waited for the owner to show! I don't think I have ever
seen such a perfect restoration - perfect - down to the two perfectly
restored license plates ($275)! No dust anywhere - he drove it to the
store because his grandkids got confused and borrowed all of his other
street cars at the same time! (grampa's cars have the gas!)

Anyway, seems the guy is the president of the Durant Collectors Club of
America! He spends 30 minutes telling me about Charles Crapo Durant in
the middle of the Von's parking lot! Both he and the story were fascinating!
I came home and googled it: http://www.classiccar.com/articles/william_durant.asp

Sure enough, excellent read!

There are a little over 500 Durants restored and still putting around in the
United States! My offer to buy his was met with a polite chucke!

... like I said, among the best darned restorations I'VE ever seen ... too many
details to mention here!

On the outside chance anyone here is interested, I've got the guy's card and will
e-mail it along on request!

Sorry for the picture quality - cell phone camera ... leaves a lot of room for


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    There is a Durant about 10 miles from here. It is a early 30's if I remember correctly. I have looked at it a few times. I think it is all original and not restored. It is in showroom condition.
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    I have a mechanic friend who used to service a little old ladies'
    car, who lived in a older part of San Diego (Kensington) - and
    her car was original - '34 or '36 Ford, as I recall. Garaged and
    never had been touched! The tube radio was even still there!
    Horse hair upholstery - even the original headliner -
    everything kinda ratty ... but original!

    One day she drove it in with another old lady following her
    and told Mike - as she handed him the key - she was too
    old to drive (90, I think) and to keep the car - her present to
    him for his honesty! Mike's a very honest man.

    Last I heard from Mike, he had offers WAY beyond what it would
    cost to restore one - because it was all original! [:D]
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    I had picked up the Hemmings Classic Car April issue and saw the same article. A 1931 614 sedan Durant De Luxe with a Continental Red Seal engine. Built them from 1921 through 1934 if I read it correctly. What a beautiful car!

    The business was purchased in 1935 by General Motors, The Lansing, MI Verlinden Ave Plant.

    Quite a picture of History. A more simpler time.
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    Yeah - the guy was one of the wealthiest men alive at the
    peak of his career ... and died almost broke in 1947.

    The REAL kicker was that he wasn't a mechanic - he was
    a top rate SALESMAN ... AND THAT'S ALL! He left the
    technical stuff to his employees!

    He was a pretty interesting character![:D]

    ... and I had never heard of him before this morning![B)]
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