Strange happening

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My mother who is 85 years old and in a wheelchair got a state personal income tax refund check in the mail today.
It had her correct full name, address, and SS#.
She hasnt worked or filled out a tax return in almost 50 years.
Any ideas how this could have happened ?
Only idea I have could be identy theft ?


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    Probably, an audit was done and somewhere along the line she had this money coming back, I understand some states reconcile the records every now and then..My advise is call someone and see what its all about..[:)]
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    I've heard the same thing. My mom got a refund after she died
    and hadn't EVER worked ... well, not since '44 when she riveted
    B-24s together at 17. IRS guy said cash the check - about $200.
    We did.[:D]
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