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verification fee

audubonaudubon Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
edited June 2011 in General Discussion
Can someone explain the verification fee, I have used and bought on gunbroker for a couple years and recently the site asked me for cr card etc. for verification? I gave that info and now I seem to get a message /email from gunbroker for $2. invoice? If the chg. helps GB I don't mind a one time billing but am wondering why its, 1) being done now but not before, 2)$1 vs $2 3) is this going to be a monthly thing?? just trying to understand. Thanks


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    CaptFunCaptFun Member Posts: 16,678 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    In the past we inferred verification based on a users ability to provide a valid credit card. For a while that worked well. In the past few years, though it has become very apparent that stolen card cards are easier to get than herpes in Vegas (so I hear)...

    So, we stepped it up a notch. "Old" sellers were grandfathered in but all new sellers and any old sellers who were not active or had invalid cards when we ran the process must go through the new system.

    The cost is a pass through, not a profit center. Building bidder confidence is in everyones best interest.

    New Bidders go through a less invasive procedure that vets them as well. We are not at liberty to discuss it, but it has greatly reduced our incidence of non paying bidders with NR users...

    Everyone have a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

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