Another windows vista question.

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Another windows vista question.

I'm not too familiar with vista yet; so if I buy the full or upgrade versions will it erase my hard drive if I get that 'newer' version of windows?

I guess the real question is: Will it occur if I only choose the "upgrade" on the install page screen?

Will the home, business, premium, and ultimate versions be different on the way it will do this?


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    Having been involved with computers for over 15 years, I have to say that I've never seen a microsoft upgrade go perfectly... besides, why do you want ot bring all that old cruft along with you?

    Backup the data you care about (you'll want that anyway, in case vistas DRM bits you in the tuchus), wipe the drive, and install from scratch.
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    1. you can just upgrade, however I always like to do a fresh install of operating systems whether it be my own or someones computer that I am working on.

    2. not knowing for sure, I can't see microsoft not having an option to just upgrade.

    3. they should all be the same. The different versions contain different media content and networking capabilities. This is much like XP pro and home. They are nearly identical, pro has a few extras to help the end user, but not much.

    my note - if you have a computer that is more then a few months old you will probably have to do some major upgrades in order to get your computer run as smoothly as it does XP. If your computer is more then 1 year old, then its not worth putting Vista on it, IMHO. If its 2 years old, for get about it.
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